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Stormwater and Sewer Contractors

Storm and sewer contractors in Australia are responsible for various tasks related to the management, installation, maintenance, and repair of these systems (which are operated by local council bodies across the country). They are usually plumbers by trade, but have additional capabilities and certifications:

  • Installing new stormwater or sewer systems
  • Maintaining existing systems
  • Repairing any damages
  • Ensuring compliance with local government regulations
  • Planning and designing new systems
  • Emergency services call out for broken stormwater or sewer pipes
  • Public education or local government advocacy

If you're having any of these issues, then we have plenty of suppliers on iseekplant that can help:

  • Flooding
  • Property damage
  • Clogging of waterways due to sediment
  • Contamination of drinking water
  • Increased cost of wastewater treatment

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Below we cover the average costs for various stormwater and sewer contracting work as well as factors that may affect pricing and additional questions you may have regarding the work.

Stormwater and Sewer Drainage Contractors Rates

Below is a table of typical tasks performed by these types of contractors and the average cost to do each. Note that rates vary widely across locations in Australia, and due to demand in particular locations, especially during weather events.

TaskMeasurementEstimated price range
Unclogging drain - small clogPer Task$80 - $120
Unclogging drain - large clogPer Task$300 to $500
Remove a water tankPer Task$150
Reconnect a pipe to a stormwater drainPer Task$150
Remove tree roots obstructing a stormwater drainPer Task$180
Inspect a stormwater drainPer Task$180
Remove several stormwater drainsPer Task$1,320
Install a French drainage system (exterior backyard)Per Task$400 to $1,200
Install a steel trenchPer Task$200
Install a concrete trenchPer Task$600
Install a plastic catch basinPer Task$100
Install a galvanised steel grate basinPer Task, pipes additional$120 to $250
Install downspout extensionsUp to 25 Meters$30 to $150
Connect downspouts to an underground systemPer Linear Meter$45 to $150
Install a driveway drain with a trenchPer Linear Meter$70 to $300
Dig underground downspoutsPer Linear Meter$35

Stormwater and Sewer Drainage Contractor Call-Out Fees

Plumbers usually charge a call-out fee, which is a fixed amount charged by a plumber to come to your residence or establishment. It's added on top of the labour costs. A call-out fee may range from $60 to $100 per hour (again, depending on where you are), with hourly rates upwards of $100. You will also be charged an emergency call-out fee if you engage a plumber after hours or during weekends.

Factors that affect stormwater pits and drains cost

Factors affecting the cost of stormwater pits and drains include the following and may make the rates your quoted different to the averages expressed above:

  • Materials used (e.g. concrete, aluminium, plastic)
  • System size (larger systems are pricier)
  • Location (plumber rates vary between states and territories)
  • Additional services (e.g. excavation, custom designs)
  • Weather events - if the local area has had a weather event resulting in a lot of these issues and high demand for these contractors, then prices often surge.

Stormwater Pits and Drains FAQs

How do stormwater pits work?

A stormwater pit collects and contains stormwater flowing through a series of drainage pipes. It is not meant to hold all water at once like underground water tanks but should be big enough to handle the inflow. Pits can be made from concrete or plastic, with light-duty plastic options for residences and heavy-duty polypropylene options available.

How does stormwater drainage work?

Stormwater drains remove excess rain and groundwater from impervious surfaces like pavements, roofs, and parking lots. They receive water from street gutters, houses, and buildings, which may contain debris and pollutants. The collected water and contaminants flow through underground pipes into nearby water sources.

Who is responsible for stormwater runoff?

It depends on where the runoff is coming from. In general, property owners are responsible for capturing, collecting, disposing, and controlling stormwater runoff from their own property. If stormwater is entering your property from a neighbour's property, then your neighbour is responsible for it.

Note that water flowing from all hard surfaces (e.g. roofing, pavement) should be collected and discharged in an approved manner. However, your neighbour is not responsible for controlling runoff from natural surfaces (e.g. grassy areas). As for pipes and drains outside your property, the local council is responsible.

State and Territory Bodies responsible for Stormwater Run Off

  • Australian Capital Territory – Transport Canberra and City Services oversees ACT's stormwater network.
  • New South Wales – Local councils are responsible for managing stormwater drains and systems.
  • Queensland - As above, local councils are responsible for managing stormwater drains and systems.
  • Northern Territory – Local councils are responsible for the installation, replacement, and management of stormwater drains.
  • South Australia – Same as above. Local councils are responsible for maintaining stormwater networks on council land.
  • Tasmania – Also managed by local councils, except in cases when stormwater and sewage mix. When this happens, it's on TasWater to address the issue.
  • Victoria – Same rules apply here: local councils are responsible for council drains.
  • Western Australia – Stormwater management roles are defined by the Department of Water. Local governments maintain stormwater drains and networks.

How can I find the best stormwater pits and drains cost possible?

iseekplant is a trusted site in Australia for searching and comparing licensed plumbers and Stormwater and Sewer contractors for hire. To get the most competitive quote for stormwater pits and drains, request quotes from our service providers using our Get a Quote feature. If you're busy, iseekplant offers expert teams to find qualified plumbers based on your specifications. Call 1300 691 912 or email us at [email protected].

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