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After working for over 20 years in both the electrical and construction industries, Carsten Manntz commenced work within a scaffolding hire company. Before long he recognized the high costs and inefficiencies associated with hiring scaffold from a third party and saw the opportunity to supply scaffolding for small to medium size builders and trades. With his solid foundation of safety and experience, Molecular Scaffold Sales was born.


Steel Perimeter Scaffolding

Other than in W.A. the only type of Steel Perimeter Scaffolding being used in all of Australia was Quick Scaff Scaffolding, commonly known as “Quickstage”. With perhaps a couple of key benefits this product is quite heavy and time consuming in installation…not very “quick” at all! Instead Molecular Scaffold decided to promote a completely new system to the Australian market, Galvanized Steel Frame Scaffolding. Taking up to 50% less time to install and with several key benefits, Molecular Scaffold became the pioneer of promoting this far better option to the east coast and beyond. The process of convincing builders and trades was most time consuming but once decided they never looked back as the cost and time saving benefits paid off. Being the pioneer of bringing Frame Scaffolding to the market, Molecular Scaffold is the leader in this field with ongoing research and development creating several new accessories and making even more improvements to this great product. The system fully conforms to all relevant Australian Standards and meets all WorkSafe requirements.

These days there are several copies of this product in the market which are nowhere near as good as the Molecular Frame System…most of which would not even comply to Australian Standards. Please see our “SafeMate” & “1225 Frame” info.

Also please check out our Frame Scaffold features and benefits

The Frame Scaffold Trailer Pack

With great pride, Molecular Scaffold once again demonstrates the results of their ongoing research and development with the unique Frame Scaffold Trailer Pack. One of the struggles builders had about owning scaffold was the storage and transport of scaffolding. That’s when the Trailer Pack was born! A wide range of this great product has now been established for many years, accommodating both the narrow and wide system to various lengths and heights. There are literally hundreds of these famous units all over Australia.

And even though there have been some very weak attempts at copying this great idea, Molecular Scaffold are the pioneers and leaders of the Trailer Pack. A very real solution that saves a whole lot of time and money!

“Very proud” is Molecular Scaffold that they are the only company that has developed and marketed such a great and unique product to the Australian market for many years now.

Please check out our Trailer Pack features and benefits.


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