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Types of Scaffolding Available to Hire

Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding

Edge Protection Scaffolding

Edge Protection Scaffolding

Scaff Towers

Scaff Towers

Steel Scaffolding

Steel Scaffolding

Over 250 Scaffold Hire Specialist Suppliers on iseekplant

iseekplant is Australia's leading online marketplace for construction supplies and services. We can help you find a variety of scaffolding available for hire from our verified suppliers in commercial and civil construction.

Scaffolding is essential for various construction projects, especially when dealing with multi-story commercial structures. With iseekplant, you can easily find reliable scaffolding suppliers across Australia.

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Below we go through the various types of scaffolding as well as the average prices you’d expect to pay for hire.

Scaffolding Types & Hire Rates

Typical Scaffolding Rates

The rates for scaffolding hire largely depend on the size and type of scaffolding you need. The cost of hiring scaffolding is often based on the square meter rate. Please note these prices are averages, are our best guesses and exclude GST.

Scaffolding Platform HeightDaily Hire Rate
2 metre$85 - $125
2.5 metre$95 - $140
3 metre$110 - $160
3.5 metre$115 - $185
4 metre$120 - $205
4.5 metre$130 - $220
5 metre$145 - $245
5.5 metre$150 - $260
6 metre$155 - $275
6.5 metre$165 - $290
7 metre$180 - $300

Mobile Scaffold Tower Rates

Mobile scaffolding offers the advantage of mobility with its wheels, allowing easy transportation to different areas of a site. While it may add an additional cost of $20 per day compared to fixed scaffolding, the convenience of not having to dismantle and reassemble sections often makes it a competitive and cost-effective option.

Mobile Scaffolding Tower HeightPrice For Single Width Panel (0.7m wide)Price For Double Width Panels (1.2m wide)
1.5m High$115/Day or $230/Week$135/Day or $265/Week
2m High$120/Day or $240/Week$140/Day or $280/Week
3m High$140/Day or $280/Week$160/Day or $320/Week
4m High$145/Day or $290/Week$170/Day or $340/Week
5m High$160/Day or $320/Week$190/Day or $380/Week
6m High$175/Day or $350/Week$205/Day or $410/Week
7m HighN/A$245/Day or $490/Week
8m HighN/A$295/Day or $590/Week
9m HighN/A$350/Day or $700/Week
10m HighN/A$385/Day or $770/Week

Standard Scaffolding Delivery Charges and Extras

Below are some things to keep in mind when hiring scaffolding (outside of the daily and weekly hire rates discussed above or install labour). Scaffold tagging involves a safety inspector inspecting and tagging the scaffolding as safe prior to it being deployed to site.

Charge TypeCost
Standard Delivery (depending on size and weight of load)$80-$350
Standard Pick-Up (depending on size and weight of load)$80-$350
Tag Fee per Section$20
Setup and Dismantle FeeVaries based on job size and complexity
Equipment DepositOften required, varies based on job size
Overtime ChargesIf the job extends outside normal hours
Additional Accessories (e.g., safety nets, stair towers)Cost varies depending on specific requirements

Case Study on pricing Scaffolding Jobs: Painting a Two Storey House

Just so you have the method for pricing a scaffold hire job, below is a common type of quote for the painting of a two storey house. All prices, as previously mentioned, are exclusive of GST.

12 sections x 3.5m high: weekly hire rate for 4 weeks$1,560 per week x 4 weeks = $6,240
Installation charges (6 hours at $35 per hour + travel)$210
Re-erection charges x 3 ($35 per hour + travel)$840
Drop off charges (estimate)$200
Pick up charges (estimate)$200
Total Estimated Scaffolding Costs for Painting a Two Storey House$7,690

Types of Scaffold for Hire on iseekplant

  • Aluminum Scaffolding: Lightweight and easy to set up, aluminum scaffolding is perfect for indoor projects or situations that require frequent relocation.
  • Edge Protection Scaffolding: Primarily used for safety purposes at construction sites, edge protection scaffolding creates a secure barrier at elevated heights to prevent accidents.
  • Mobile Scaffold Towers: These standalone structures, often mobile, provide an elevated platform for tasks such as maintenance, construction, and painting, with the added benefit of adjustable height.
  • Steel Scaffolding: Known for its durability and ability to handle heavy loads, steel scaffolding is a popular choice for large-scale construction projects and long-term installations.

Platform Heights & Widths of Scaffolding

Platform heights of scaffolding come in fairly standard 50cm or half metre increments in the smaller sizes, then jump to 1 metre increments as they get larger. However, hire rates can vary based on platform width, which is typically between 0.7m and 1.3m depending on who you are hiring from.

Along with the width of scaffolding, rates also vary based on whether the supplier specialises in hiring scaffolding for residential construction projects, compared to companies that hire out very heavy duty scaffolding for use on commercial construction projects.

Using iseekplant to find Scaffolding Suppliers

Finding a quote for scaffolding hire is simple and convenient with iseekplant. Just provide some details about your project, and we'll forward it to multiple scaffolding suppliers located near you. Wait for the suppliers to contact you for further details or send you a quote directly - it's that easy!

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