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90 Drotts for Hire on iseekplant

Also known as tracked loaders or crawler loaders, Drotts play a crucial role in many construction projects across Australia. With 90 Drotts available for hire on iseekplant, we ensure every project can access high-quality, dependable machinery.

Characterised by their tracks and versatile front-end buckets, like front end loaders, these heavy-duty machines are indispensable in jobs where mobility and strength are paramount. In this guide, let's look at average Drott hire rates, sizes and specs, popular brands, alternatives and applications in civil construction.

Drott Hire Rates Guide

Drott hire rates can vary based on machine size, location, project duration and additional attachments. The table below should help provide insight into the costs:

Drott SizeWet Hire Rate (per hour)Dry Hire Rate (per hour)
Small (under 80HP)$80 - $110$60 - $85
Medium (80HP - 130HP)$110 - $150$85 - $115
Large (over 130HP)$150 - $200$115 - $160

Note: Rates vary depending on the machine's age, brand and location within Australia. All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring a Drott

Hiring a Drott isn't just about the upfront rental fees. Like any heavy machinery, extra expenses can arise based on various factors, including the project's duration, site conditions, operator costs and more.

These additional expenses are crucial in comprehensive project planning and avoiding unexpected financial surprises. Below is a table detailing these potential extra costs:

Potential CostEstimated Additional Cost
Transport to and from site$100 - $500
Operator fees (if not included in wet hire)$50 - $100 per hour
Fuel (if not included)$20 - $60 per hour
InsuranceVaries based on provider and project specifics
Attachment Hire (e.g., rippers, larger buckets)$10 - $40 per hour

Note: All prices listed are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Keep in mind that these figures are estimates, and the best way to budget for a Drott hire is to contact your preferred provider directly. Our Get a Quote tool to get an accurate, customised quote from our network of suppliers today!

Sizes, Specs and Brands of Common Drotts

The construction industry often considers Drotts the Swiss army knife due to their versatility, sizes and specifications tailored to different tasks. When hiring a Drott, the brand and its reputation can play a significant role in ensuring you get the right fit for your project.

Some popular brands known for their reliability and performance in the construction world include these standouts:

  • Caterpillar (CAT): A powerhouse in the construction equipment industry, CAT's Drotts are celebrated for their durability and advanced technological features.
  • Komatsu: Famed for their innovative designs and energy-efficient engines, Komatsu's Drotts are a prime choice for many contractors.
  • Volvo: Embodying Scandinavian precision, Volvo's Drotts are known for their ergonomic designs and efficient fuel consumption.
BrandPopular ModelSpecsProsCons
Caterpillar (CAT)CAT D5K104 hp, Operating Weight: 9,233 kgRenowned durability; Advanced tech featuresSlightly higher rental costs due to brand reputation
KomatsuD61PX-23168 hp, Operating Weight: 18,900 kgInnovative design; Energy-efficient engineParts can be more expensive
VolvoSD75B74.9 kW, Operating Weight: 7,000 kgErgonomic design; Efficient fuel consumptionLess common; may be harder to find replacement parts

As with most heavy machinery, these brands and their most popular models have their strengths and weaknesses. With this guide, you can make a more informed decision when hiring a Drott for your construction needs.

Alternative Tracked Loaders

While Drotts are versatile and widely recognised in the construction industry, other tracked loaders may fit specific project needs. Some popular alternatives include these heavy machinery:

  • Compact Track Loaders (CTL): Smaller but designed with modern features, these tracked carriers are ideal for tight spaces.
  • Dozers: Known for their raw power and heavy-duty capabilities, dozers excel in earth-moving tasks.
  • Crawler Loaders: A fusion between dozers and wheel loaders, they offer the advantages of both.

The table below shows a quick comparison between these three alternatives and how they compare versus Drotts:

AlternativeQuick SpecsProsConsComparison to Drotts
Compact Track Loaders (CTL)Operating Load: 1,000-2,200 kg, Power: 50-100 hpModern features; Ideal for tight spacesLess powerful than DrottsCTLs are more maneuverable in confined spaces but might lack the power a Drott offers.
DozersOperating Weight: 8,000-104,000 kg, Power: 80-700 hpRaw power; Ideal for large earthmoving tasksNot as versatile as DrottsWhile dozers can handle larger tasks, they lack the multi-functionality of a Drott.
Crawler LoadersOperating Weight: 13,000-23,000 kg, Power: 75-150 hpFusion of bulldozer and wheel loader benefitsMight be overkill for smaller projectsCrawler loaders are versatile like Drotts but can be bulkier and less efficient for minor tasks.

When choosing a tracked loader, it's essential to understand the task and select the machine that best aligns with your project's demands. Drotts offer a balance of power and versatility. However, depending on the project, one of these alternatives might be more suitable.

Drott Applications in Civil Construction

With their robustness and versatility, Drotts find numerous applications in the civil construction sector. Each application capitalises on the machine's strength, stability and flexibility to perform complex tasks.

Below are some of the primary uses of Drotts in civil construction:

Site Clearing

Drotts can clear large areas quickly, removing rocks, debris and vegetation to prepare the site for subsequent construction phases. Their powerful hydraulic systems and blade attachments make them ideal for this role.


Grading or levelling is a fundamental task in civil projects. Drotts' broad blade ensures uniformity and precision, essential for laying foundations or paving roads.

Material Spreading

Drotts can evenly distribute materials across a site. Whether sand, gravel or topsoil, their capabilities ensure consistent and smooth layering, optimising the substrate for subsequent construction phases.


While not their primary function, Drotts can handle minor excavation tasks, especially in areas with softer soils. Their ability to dig and move soil efficiently comes from the combination of their bucket and robust engine.


On smaller scales, Drotts can help dismantle structures. Their strength and ability to fit them with specific attachments make them suitable for tearing down old buildings or infrastructure.

Transporting Heavy Loads

Drotts can move heavy construction materials across a site with the proper attachment. Their tracked design ensures stability, even when transporting bulky loads over uneven terrains.

Understanding these applications can guide project managers and site engineers in leveraging Drotts to their maximum potential, ensuring timely and efficient project completion.

Ready to Start Your Next Project with a Drott?

iseekplant is your trusted gateway to Australia's top Drott hire specialists. With our vast network of suppliers, you can find the perfect machinery to suit any construction need, no matter the scale.

Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring at 1300 691 912. If you're eager to get started and need an immediate quote, simply click 'Get a Quote' now. Let's make your construction vision a reality!

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