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Over 1,300 Posi Tracks for Hire on iseekplant

iseekplant is a top B2B online marketplace in Australia for construction machinery and services. With a comprehensive catalogue of fleets and capabilities from over 25,000 verified suppliers in commercial and civil construction, we can help you find a variety of posi tracks available for hire.

Posi Tracks are one of the most popular and prolific machines in earthmoving, many of the finest plant hire companies in Australia have multiple posi tracks in their fleet, so you should be able to throw a stone and hit one you can hire.

One of the reasons posi tracks are extremely popular, is their extensive range of possible attachments, making them super versatile and able to complete the largest array of detailed earthmoving tasks. Refine your search on iseekplant for specific attachments using the filter panel on the right-hand side of our supplier directory.

Below we cover the general costs of hiring a posi track, along with standard additional fees that may apply to your hire. We also highlight the difference between a posi track and a skid steer loader and common sizes and brands of posi track loaders to help you refine your job request.

Wet and Dry Hire Posi Track Rates

Posi Track Loaders are usually more expensive to hire than wheeled skid steer loaders because of the maintenance and upkeep expenses of tracks. That said, there are many very specific applications for these machines where a wheeled skid steer won't work, so the premium you pay on the hire rate amounts to nothing in terms of the productivity trade-off.

All quoted prices are averages and exclude GST and additional costs (explained below).

Posi Track SizeAv Dry Hire RatesMin Hire HoursAv Wet Hire RatesMin Hire Hours
Small Posi Track$85One Day$1454 Hours
Medium Posi Track$90One Day$1504 Hours
Large Posi Track$105One Day$1654 Hours

Additional Charges to Consider when Hiring a Posi Track

Since every supplier on iseekplant is unique, it's crucial to get a custom quote for your construction project using our Get A Quote Feature. However, here are some typical charges you may encounter from hire companies and contractors when looking for posi track rental.

Additional Posi Track ChargesRate
Pick up of Small Posi Track on Dry HireUsually Free
Small or Mini Excavator Dry Hire Delivery$150 - $500
Small or Mini Excavator Dry Hire Return$150 - $500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
GPS$20 - $50 per hour
3D GPS$50 - $100 per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Do I need to hire a posi track or a wheeled skid steer?

You need a posi track if the ground is loose

A posi track is a type of skid steer, sometimes called a multi-terrain loader or Bobcat, that is purpose-built for operating on soft, sandy and slippery ground conditions. It is track-mounted and propelled - providing better traction and stability across such difficult terrain. An advantage of using a posi track is its increased traction on mud and wet ground, low ground pressure, and low soil compaction, along with track tread design which mitigates surface damage.

You can use a wheeled skid steer if the ground is compact

Wheeled Bobcats and Skid Steer Loaders are mounted on wheels and can only be operated on compact surfaces. They are high-performance machines that are often hired with various labour-saving tools and attachments such as augers, buckets, drills and more. They are about $30 an hour cheaper than posi-tracks, because they are easier to maintain and service. They do have slightly lower break-out force because the tracks on posi tracks offer more ballast.

Sizes & Common Brands of Posi Tracks for Hire

Below is a table of sizes of available posi tracks which are categorised based on their operating weight which usually corresponds with higher horsepower and breakout force.

BrandSizeCommon ModelOperating WeightWidthHeight
CaterpillarSmallCat 239D33,468 kg1,525 mm2,050 mm
MediumCat 259D34,600 kg1,650 mm2,030 mm
LargeCat 299D3 XE5,215 kg1,980 mm2,170 mm
BobcatSmallBobcat T4502,721 kg1,500 mm1,982 mm
MediumBobcat T6504,175 kg1,730 mm2,080 mm
LargeBobcat T7704,726 kg1,930 mm2,110 mm
KubotaSmallKubota SVL65-23,610 kg1,525 mm2,004 mm
MediumKubota SVL75-23,700 kg1,730 mm2,040 mm
LargeKubota SVL95-2s4,600 kg1,905 mm2,084 mm
ASVSmallASV RT-401,905 kg1,219 mm1,873 mm
MediumASV RT-754,080 kg1,780 mm2,080 mm
LargeASV RT-1205,192 kg1,905 mm2,133 mm

These are popular makes and models, however, there are approximately 25 different brands of posi track listed on iseekplant and all of them perform the same type of work. If brand’s not an issue, refine your search to the size to get better results.

Using iseekplant to hire Posi Track Suppliers

Getting a quote for posi tracks is a breeze. Just answer a few questions about your project, and we'll forward it to multiple posi track suppliers located near you. Wait for the suppliers to contact you for further details or send you a quote directly - it's that simple!

Start now, and Get a Quote today.

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