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Water Pump Hire in Canberra, ACT 2600

Latest news in Canberra, ACT

23rd December 2014

ACT Light Rail Project Quick Links and Resources

Image source: In Canberra, ACT, a light rail network has been planned to link the City Centre and the expanding area of Gungahlin. The ACT Light Rail Project is estimated to cost around $700 million, and should be completed by 2019. Stage one of the project, Capital Metro, is the first stage of what will be a city-wide upgrade to public transport infrastructure which is sorely needed in Canberra now and in the future. With a high amount of Government spending on road infrastructure in the last decade, Canberra has one of the highest rates of car-dependence in Australia, and the known challenges of urban sprawl are being addressed in this public transport initiative, in an effort to maximise city living and allow transport options to be available to all residents of the city.

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21st October 2016

Primary Contract Awarded for Ashley Drive Road Duplication Project - ACT

The BMD Constructions team have been awarded another meaty road duplication project in the ACT - a job they tendered through iSeekplant. And it doesn't take Einstein to figure out who is going to have a walk-up start on that job? Our members! If you're down in Canberra, you may be wondering when on earth the Ashley Drive Upgrade is going to be done and dusted. But if you're in plant hire in Canberra, you won't give a toss if it never finishes - because of the juicy hire contracts up for grabs.

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6th February 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a shed

Steps to build a shed: Know the lay of the land Draft your up your plans Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate the slab hole Install wooden forms around excavated slab hole Pour basecourse and compact it Add in layer of sand Lay a sheet of polythene Lay reinforcing mesh Pour and cure concrete (one of the hardest and most tedious steps) Organise shed frame Install and secure shed frame (fasten/fix to slab) Install shelving, furniture, and decor

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Find Canberra’s Best Water Pump Hire Providers

Sourcing equipment can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have an ongoing professional partnership or are hiring a particular piece of machinery for the first time. iSeekplant makes it easy to overcome these difficulties with a massive online database that you can search to locate the nearest suppliers who can meet your needs. With so many reputable suppliers in Canberra to choose from, we give you the means to contact the most appropriate provider in just a few clicks.

How to find a water pump using our website

We have designed our platform for usability and simplicity so that you can connect with plant hire suppliers all over Australia.

A manual search is the most direct way to source water pump hire: simply type in what you need along with where you need it and our database will automatically display the most appropriate options. You can then refine your search using the provided filters and click on a listing to view the provider’s profile, along with contact details and an online form to request a quote.

Alternatively, your requirements can be submitted through our online tool and any relevant suppliers will be alerted of your needs. This allows providers to approach you with quotes and availability, rather than you conducting the search yourself.

Our team can even do the search for you at no extra charge, so don’t hesitate to get us involved when you need water pump hire in Canberra. We have years of experienced sourcing equipment and will do whatever we can to help you find the best possible option with full consideration of your needs. Where possible, we will get back to you with the three best quotes we found so that you can contact any supplier of your choosing.

Save time and money when you search with iSeekplant

We have established a platform that encourages competition between suppliers and allows you to view all available options in the one place. Our team has a genuine understanding of the needs of all parties involved which is why we have designed our website to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

We are always happy to answer any inquiries, so call our office on 1300 691 912 or drop us a line at

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