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Traffic Management Plans in Cairns

iSeekplant is Australia’s largest online construction hire marketplace that has a directory full of the best traffic management companies across the country. We can help you find a suitable traffic management contractor near you with a simple search. If you’re looking specifically for a traffic management plan, consider searching through our network or contacting our project team on 1300 691 612 or emailing with your request, and you’ll have contractors contacting you within the hour!

What is a Road Traffic Management Plan?

A traffic management plan is a document that identifies the way activities on the road will be carried out to minimise inconvenience and ensure the safety of both road users and workers. Generally, the TMP must be approved by the local transport authority before any work commences. In addition, the same management plan is required for activities being done on private property, especially if construction vehicle access is needed for quite some time.

A traffic management plan must contain specific details of the work being done. This includes the location, date and time of work, as well as the names of the traffic management contractors who are doing the work. In addition, work methodology and contact details must also be included in the TMP. In some cases, temporary speed limit information must also be included, which identifies the approximate speed a vehicle must be running while driving on the site.

Traffic management plans are required if a project will impact on the normal flow of traffic in any part of the road corridor. This includes the road, as well as the berm or the footpath. An approval from the local transport authority must be granted before the work starts. This being said, TMP is not required unless the works are an emergency. Emergencies are unplanned and must be responded quickly without delay to prevent injury, damage to property, and loss of life.

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If you’re looking for a company that will provide a comprehensive traffic management plan for your specific project, talk to the team at iSeekplant. iSeekplant has assisted customers across the country in finding the right supplier to suit their project needs. If you can’t find a suitable supplier in Cairns try searching in Port Douglas, Innisfail or Cooktown. Our suppliers also provide many related services you might be interested in, such as Traffic Control Services, Traffic Barriers and Hoarding Signage.

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