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Latest news in Dandenong, VIC

30th January 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a new driveway

Steps to build a driveway: Check for underground utilities Survey your land and know your boundaries Mark your project area and stake out boundaries Excavate topsoil and level out project area Lay wooden forms around the project area, anchored with stakes Add in sand to firm up the soil, and gravel to ensure base thickness Compact gravel and soil Lay steel reinforcing mesh or bars Pour concrete Smooth out and level the concrete Set and cure concrete (don’t rush it!) Park your car!   Items You Will Need to Build a Driveway Wheelbarrow Tape Measure Shovel Hand Spade Compactor Site String Line Stakes Spirit Level Straight Edge Tool Hand Float Cement Trowel Edger Hose Groover Broom

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7th August 2019

Tractor Hire Rates Guide

What are typical 4x2 Tractor Hire Rates? 4x2 Tractor Hire Rates 4x2 Tractor (25-60 hp) dry hire rate: $40 - $52 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (25-60 hp) wet hire rate: $64 - $76 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (61-120 hp) dry hire rate: $58 - $68 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (61-120 hp) wet hire rate: $82 - $88 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (121-180 hp) dry hire rate: $72 - $80 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (121-180 hp) wet hire rate: $96 - $105 + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (180+ hp) dry hire rate: $115 Upwards + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor (180+ hp) wet hire rate: $135 Upwards + GST Per Hour 4x2 Tractor Hire Rates can vary significantly based on a range of varying factors, but most notably, horsepower. When looking at tractor hire rates, it is essential to understand the requirements of your project and hire machines best suited to the job at hand. Given the range of 4x2 Tractors available, it can be quite easy to hire a machine that performs above or below expectations, so understanding specific requirements is a great way to reduce tractor hire rates and unnecessary fees. While wet hire rates have been provided as a guide, 4x2 tractors are very rarely hired with a skilled laborer given the lack of significant qualification required for operation.

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16th December 2019

$910m Melbourne Rail Contracts Awarded by State Government

The Victorian government has awarded new contracts worth $910 million to remove level crossings throughout Melbourne. A Lendlease, WSP, Acciona Coleman Rail and Metro Trains Melbourne alliance has won a $744 million contract to remove five crossings on the Frankston line. A $166m contract will see a level crossing on the Pakenham line removed by Fulton Hogans and Metro Trains Melbourne.The contracts are part of a programme to remove 75 congested and dangerous level crossings by 2025. Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said the state is “well on track”, with 30 of the unsafe crossings already removed and contracts for a further 50 now awarded. “We said we’d remove 75 level crossings by 2025 and with contracts now awarded for 50".The government is investing $3bn to improve the Frankston line, with major works starting in Cheltenham and Mentone. The new Carrum Station is set to open in mid-February.

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