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iseekplant connects you with hundreds of skilled labour hire companies across Australia, catering to a wide range of industries, including construction, mining and manufacturing. Our platform makes it easy to find reliable and vetted labourers, operators and workers, ensuring your project has the resources it needs to succeed. Whether you need short-term assistance or long-term workforce solutions, our network provides access to the skilled personnel you require.

Skilled Labour Hire Rates Guide

Labour hire is often categorised by skill level, as different tasks require varying expertise and experience. The categories listed—Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled, and Specialist—accurately reflect the common distinctions in the labour market.

Unskilled, Semi Skilled and Specialist Labour Hire Rates

  • Unskilled: Workers in this category typically perform tasks that require minimal prior training or experience.
  • Semi-Skilled: These workers have more experience than unskilled labourers and may operate some machinery or perform tasks requiring a moderate level of skills.
  • Skilled: Skilled labourers possess specific qualifications or extensive experience in a particular trade.
  • Specialist: Specialists are highly experienced or qualified in a niche area, often requiring advanced certification or education.

Here’s a table offering a general guide to the average daily rates for skilled labour hire:

Skill LevelHourly RatesAverage Daily Rate
Unskilled$20 - $35$200 - $250
Semi-Skilled$35 - $45$250 - $300
Skilled$45 - $60$300 - $400
Specialist$60 - $80+$400 - $600+

A quick note: The provided rates are indicative and can vary based on the worker's experience, the complexity of the work, the location of the job, and current market demand. Make sure you account for these factors when budgeting for labour hire. Additionally, fluctuations in the economy, changes in legislation, and shifts in supply and demand can all influence these rates over time.

Skilled Trade Rates – Labour Hire

The hourly rate for builders can fluctuate between $70 and $120. However, factors including the project's location, the nature of the structure involved and the overall scope of the work can affect these rates (details to follow). The specific trade of the worker also influences the hourly rate significantly. Below, let’s take a look at the various trades that you’ll find in many projects, along with the average rate for each type of labourer:

Brick Layer

Known colloquially as ‘brickies’, these craftsmen excel in laying bricks, masonry work and repairing mortar joints, with their skill set also extending to stonework. Brick layers typically work in pairs – one mixing cement while the other lays the bricks – for an hourly rate ranging from $40 to $60, although the exact figure can vary based on the job.


Referred to affectionately as ‘chippies’, carpenters handle the construction, installation and repair of wooden structures and frameworks. Their rates vary significantly, from $40 to $120 per hour, with the most seasoned professionals charging towards the higher end of this spectrum for their expertise.


Concreters specialise in the preparation, pouring, and concrete finishing for structures such as floors and bridges, with their hourly rates falling between $60 and $85. Despite seeming steep, their proficiency with specialised equipment ensures efficiency and durability, ultimately providing value for money.

Demolition Contractor

Essential for the teardown phase of any renovation or construction project, demolition contractors’ services are typically priced at a minimum of $40 per hour, averaging around $75. For smaller tasks, this rate can be as low as $50 per hour.


Or ‘sparkies’, as they're known, specialise in the electrical wiring of buildings and equipment. Their charges (pun definitely intended!) per hour can range from $80 to $130, showing the critical nature and complexity of their work.


Painting professionals usually charge by the square metre, with rates as follows:

  • $20 to $30 for interior spaces
  • $15 to $45 for brick exteriors
  • $12 to $60 for timber exteriors

Basically, a small apartment can cost around $4,000, reaching up to $20,000 for a larger, four-bedroom home.


Not limited to simply laying tiles, tilers also prepare surfaces, cut tiles to fit, and apply grout and waterproofing. On average, their hourly charge is between $45 and $65, encompassing the detailed and precise nature of their work.

Machine Operator Rates - Labour Hire

Machine Operators are vital for operating heavy machinery required in construction, mining and other industrial fields. Their expertise ensures the smooth and safe execution of tasks involving heavy equipment. The hourly rates for Machine Operators can range from $50 to $100, reflecting the specialised skills required and their responsibilities in project operations. These rates might fluctuate based on the operator's experience, the type of machinery and the project's location.

Here's a comprehensive overview of the most common machines used in these sectors and the average hourly rates for their operators:

Machine TypeHourly Rate for OperatorDescription
Excavator$60 - $115For digging, material handling and demolition.
Dozer$55 - $95Used for pushing large quantities of soil, sand, rubble or other material.
Loader$50 - $90For moving or loading materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow.
Crane$65 - $100Lifting heavy items and transporting them to other locations.
Dump Truck$50 - $85Transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel or demolition waste) for construction.
Grader$55 - $95Creating a flat surface during the grading process.
Backhoe Loader$55 - $90Excavating, trenching, back-filling and material handling.
Skid Steer Loader$50 - $85Versatile machine for a variety of tasks in confined spaces.
Forklift$50 - $85Crucial for moving and lifting materials in warehouses and construction sites
Boom Lift$55 - $100Used for reaching high areas safely, often in construction or maintenance work.
Scissor Lift$50 - $90Provides vertical elevation for workers, ideal for indoor or outdoor maintenance tasks.
Telehandler$60 - $105Versatile lifting equipment, great for moving loads to and from high places.
Flat Bed Truck$70 - $120Essential for transporting large, flat or oddly shaped loads that require a flat loading surface.
Tilt Tray$65 - $110Used for transporting vehicles or machinery that can be driven or winched onto the tray.
Mine Spec Vehicle$75 - $130Specially equipped vehicles for the mining industry, adhering to strict safety and operational standards.
Water Cart$60 - $100Vital for dust suppression, irrigation or water transport on construction and mining sites.

Additional Costs to Consider in Labour Hire

When hiring labour, it's essential to account for more than just the daily or hourly rates. Various additional costs can significantly impact the overall cost of labour hire. This table lists a few more costs to account for to help you budget more accurately for your project:

Additional CostStandard RateDescription
Transportation$50 - $150Costs for transporting workers to and from the job site
Accommodation$100 - $300 per nightNecessary for projects in remote locations where daily travel is not feasible
Equipment and Tools5% - 10% of hire costIf workers require specialised equipment or tools not provided by the employer
Overtime and Penalty Rates1.5x - 2x regular rateHigher rates for work outside normal hours, during weekends, or public holidays.
Insurance1% - 3% of total costCovering workers' compensation, liability, and other insurance requirements.

Remember, the actual costs can vary based on the specifics of your project and the location. To ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all potential costs associated with your labour hire needs, use our Get a Quote tool. This tool connects you with reputable suppliers who can offer detailed and tailored quotes based on your project’s unique requirements.

Different Types of Labour Hire: Skilled, Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Specialists Workers

Labour hire can be broadly categorised into four key groups: skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled, and specialist workers. Each group brings unique capabilities to a project, catering to the diverse requirements of construction, mining, and other industrial fields.

TypeDescriptionTypical Roles
UnskilledWorkers who perform tasks not requiring specific qualifications; quick to onboard and versatile.General site labour, cleaning, basic assistance
Semi-SkilledWorkers with some level of training or skills that do not require extensive education.Forklift operators, scaffolders, basic technicians
SkilledQualified professionals with specific skills, training, and experience.Tradespeople, machine operators, carpenters, electricians
SpecialistsHighly trained experts in a specific domain, often requiring advanced degrees or certifications.Engineers, architects, project managers, IT professionals

Skilled workers are essential for tasks that demand specific qualifications and experience, such as electricians for wiring or carpenters for structural work. Unskilled workers are vital for general tasks that support the smooth running of projects, like site clean-up or manual assistance.

Semi-skilled workers occupy a crucial middle ground, having received training that elevates them above unskilled tasks but not requiring the extensive qualifications of skilled workers. They're invaluable for roles like operating certain types of machinery under supervision or performing specific tasks that require more than just manual labour but less than full professional training.

Specialists are at the top of the labour hire pyramid, offering expertise that can significantly impact the success of complex and technical projects. Their advanced skills and knowledge are typically leveraged for strategic, technical, or highly specialised tasks, ensuring projects meet high standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Understanding these categories can help businesses and project managers make informed decisions when hiring labour, ensuring the right mix of skills and experience for successful project completion.

The Benefits of Labour Hire for Your Project or Business

Labour hire offers flexibility and efficiency for businesses and projects, allowing for rapid scaling of workforce size according to current needs. Here are the benefits you get with labour hire:

  • Flexibility: Adjust your workforce easily in response to project demands.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce overheads associated with permanent employment.
  • Access to Skills: Quickly fill roles with qualified and experienced workers.
  • Risk Mitigation: Labour hire companies manage HR, payroll, and compliance, reducing your administrative burden.

Understanding the legal and compliance aspects of labour hire is crucial for protecting your business and ensuring the fair treatment of workers. This encompasses adherence to labour hire licensing laws, workplace health and safety regulations, and fair work standards. Key considerations include:

  • Labour Hire Licensing: Many regions mandate that labour hire providers obtain a license, certifying their adherence to specific operational standards.
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS): Employers are obligated to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, including those hired through labour hire firms.
  • Fair Work Standards: Hired labour must be compensated fairly, with appropriate working conditions and entitlements, in accordance with legal requirements.

Build Your Best Team with Superior Labour Hire on iseekplant

With iseekplant, finding the right skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled labour for your project is straightforward and efficient. We partner with Australia's leading labour hire providers to ensure you have access to a diverse talent pool that meets your specific project requirements.

Whether you need a team of skilled tradespeople, a few semi-skilled workers for support tasks, or specialist professionals for high-level oversight, we've got you covered. And if your project requires additional equipment or machinery, we can connect you with the necessary resources to complement your workforce.

For any assistance or to address your queries, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or call us at 1300 691 912. Are you ready to secure your labour hire? Click 'Get a Quote' to start your journey.

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