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Hi rail equipment- Wet & Dry Hire

iseekplant have hundreds of hi rail equipment supplier across Australia offering hi rail machines and vehicles to help your project run smoothly. Hi rail vehicles and machines are designed to operate both or railways and on the road. They are fitted with a specialised features that allow them to manoeuvre easily on railroads like flanged wheels and steering lock. Both these elements allow machines like hi rail excavators and hi rail telehandlers to move with ease and prevent them from steering off the tracks.

What are the different types of hi rail equipment?

The five main types of hi rail equipment include:

  • Hi rail excavators
  • Hi rail trucks
  • Hi rail EWP (elevated work platforms)
  • Hi rail telehandlers
  • Hi range cranes Each of these pieces of equipment are specially designed for heavy work within the rail corridor whether that be to complete rail welding, rail handling, or other rail maintenance. Each of these machines offer versatility on any project and can help gain access to even the most limited sites. Hi rail trucks offer ease of transport for any smaller pieces of rail equipment that may need to be used on site like welding equipment and tools.

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iseekplant is Australia’s largest online construction marketplace providing suppliers and contractors to suit any construction need. With suppliers located in every major city across the country you’re sure to find rail equipment hire across Australia. Whether you’re located in Newcastle, Canberra, or the Sunshine Coast you can search for rail equipment hire near you and find hundreds of suppliers. Or use our Get a Quote Tool to compare costs and choose a supplier that suits your needs.

If you’re in need of more information email our projects team today at [email protected] and get the industry's best advice about how to hire from our marketplace. If you’re looking for rail equipment hire you may also be looking for crane hire, truck mounted ewp hire, or excavator hire.

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