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Q-RIIMS is a leading Inspection, Testing, Certification, PTZ Camera System Hire & Training Service Provider. We are ISO 9001, 18001, AS 4801 accredited with NATA level 1 to 3 services in support throughout South East Queensland, Australia, PNG all the Pacific region. 

Q-Riims offer a complete range of vital services to industry. Our services include Boiler, Pressure Equipment, Piping, Tank Inspection / Non Destructive Testing / Certification in accordance with AS/NZS 3788:2006 and more, Asset Integrity Management / RBI, NDT, Welding & Materials solutions including qualifying a welder or weld procedure online, Vendor & Quality Inspection, QA/QC, Auditing & Technical Auditing, , Training, Equipment Hire, Pre Purchase Cargo & Pre-shipment inspections, and Standards Consulting.

Our services include a range of optional online and field-based services and solutions making Q-Riims the preferred supplier to our valued customers.


What do we do?

Online and in the field solutions for our customers

Our services include:

Pressure Equipment Inspection, Testing and Certification,

Our inspection service is to Australian standard AS/NZS 3788:2006 / API 510, 570, 653/ CE / ASME standards for all items of plant i.e. boilers and pressure vessels, air receivers and more. Our Certified inspectors have the right mix of risk-based inspection experience and a proven history of helping customers meet their compliance obligations and providing innovative solutions

  • Boiler Inspection - All types of Boilers & Heritage Boilers
  • Pressure vessel Inspection - (All types of pressure equipment), i.e. Air compressors and receivers, Autoclaves, Sterilisers, Fired Heaters, Wine presses, Boilers, Steam Generators, Refrigeration vessels, Heat exchangers, Reboilers, Transportable Vessels, Rolling Stock Vessels, Static storage vessels, Storage Tanks and more
  • Hydrostatic testing, hazard level verification, non-destructive testing and inspection solutions which are innovative. Our people are defined as competent persons, and our services include non-destructive testing services level 1 to 3.
  • Internal Inspection with no confined space entry using our PTZ Inspection Camera Systems and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solutions
  • NATA Level 3 services, Asset Integrity, risk-based inspection and risk assessment analysis 
  • Plant Management System Development (AIMS, IMP's etc.)
  • Plant audits, Management System Audits
  • Inspection of pressure piping 
  • Inspection of Storage Tanks Above Ground and Below Ground
  • Commissioning of platform systemsAssistance with Plant and Design Registrations, Guidance, Expert Advice & Liaison with Authorities and Industry Bodies on behalf of our customers,
  • Risk Assessments of Plant and Pressure Safety Valves including Policy development


Our inspectors are deemed as competent persons and are certified to Industry bodies i.e. AICIP, CBIP, API, ASME

Remote visual inspection (RVI) Solutions & PTZ Camera System (PTZ 70, 100 & 140 - inspection camera)

Q-Riims offer a select range of value-added solutions and service. At Q-Riims we are innovators which is why we are the preferred service provider for our valued our customers. Our RVI systems are cost-effective but also provide great image quality. Partner with Q-Riims and optimise is the smart choice. As our customer, you will meet the demands of the latest technological advances in fibre optics with a fantastic light source and digital zoom. Included in our PTZ camera system range are all accessories and laser measurement which meets the demands of the modern inspection and NDT climate eliminating the need for confined space entry. Our services include lease, hire, rent to buy and the options are even greater as you can choose to engage our operators, technicians or inspectors. It's your choice to make Q-Riims the smart choice.  

Welding & Materials Management

Q-Riims provide a diverse range of customised, risk reduction, and cost-effective services in this field. Our services can be applied online and in the field, including qualifying a welder or weld procedure online which meets the demands of modern technology and our optimises our customer's processes. Our customers partner with us because the process is effective and very cost effective especially for our regional and interstate customers. The savings are tremendous to our customers with no travel time, kilometre charges, overnight accommodation charges, hidden administration markups or further expenses

Our services include:

Qualifying welding procedures, 

development and implementation of whs management quality systems,  

the witness of weld test coupons, 

pre fabrication vendor document reviews, 

verification of qualified personnel on your projects,

Assess your level of compliance with specifications,

client representation, 

fabrication and welding inspection, 

structural inspection, 


dimensional inspection, 

complete document packages, 

final inspection, 

auditing of customers and their supplier operations gap analysis, 

managing welder qualification, 

whs and quality management, 

welding inspection, 

Guidance on standards and codes of practice, 

produce wpqrs, 

Attend on behalf of clients pre-inspection meetings, 

welding engineer, 

supervisors and management, 

development of quality whs management plans, 

inspection services, 

training of personnel, 

pre-built weld procedures wps s,

compliance inspection, 

welding procedures drafting preliminary and qualifying, 

qualifying welders, training, coaching.

Non Destructive Testing ( NDT ),

Ultrasonic Thickness testing (UTT), Ultrasonic Testing of Welds., Penetrant Testing (PT)., Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)., Advanced NDT.,

In addition:

Initial Certification of NDT personnel (Level 1 to level 3)., Re-Certification of NDT personnel., Annual maintenance Reviews of NDT personnel., Training/Development of NDT personnel., Design and implementation of NDT inspection facilities., Development & review of NDT quality management systems., Development/Review and/or approval of NDT procedures based upon OEM requirements or applicable standards/specifications., Auditing of facilities 7 pre – audit reviews

Out-of-service API-653 tank inspection, In-service API-653 tank inspection & AS 1940 Tank Inspection

Regular API-653 inspections/assessment/testing /Risk-based Inspection (RBI) & certification, are crucial for tank longevity and meeting state regulatory requirements.

Q-Riims provide a comprehensive best engineering practice and reporting service to operators of Aboveground Tanks, Bulk Storage Tanks & Silos, combining best practice engineering services, non-destructive examinations/testing/ PTZ Camera System (RVI) reporting and recommendations to our customers in accordance with API 653 and AS 1940. 

Our services include:

In service API 653 and AS 1940 tank inspection

Out of service API 653 and AS 1940 tank inspection

In service on stream API 653 and AS 1940 tank inspection

PTZ Camera System & other Remote Visual Inspection Solutions to avoid confined space entry

Non-destructive testing (NDT - level 1 to 3 services),  

Ultrasonic Thickness testing

Visual Inspection

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) & Asset Integrity management of All types of Tanks

Tank floor scanning,

Corrosion evaluations and assessments 

Coatings inspections and assessments

Vacuum Box Testing

Holiday Detection

Insulated and Non-insulated Conditions

Detailed reporting, photo logs, diagrams and recommendations for maintenance, repair and compliance meeting the requirements of the American petroleum institute & service inspection requirements of API 650 & final report in accordance with API 653

Rope Access Services,

Vendor & Quality Inspection,

QA/QC, Auditing & Technical Auditing,

Standards consulting,

Provide quality/ohse and technical management systems

Competency-Based Training.

Specialist Recruitment Company, compliant staffing solutions

Specialised recruitment and employment service assisting with your staffing budget & staffing solutions, short term and long term solutions, permanent and temporary solutions.

You can rely on and trust our diligent, caring, skilled team to ensure that items shipped are verified against documentation and in the condition stipulated in the contract between buyer and seller. All operational and load testing can be witnessed as required by clients to verify equipment is fully operational and meets contract requirements.

Q-RIIMS provides timely reports and conformity certificates.

Our team and a bi-lingual network of experts have accumulated in depth over many years of functioning globally. Rest assured our database of technical inspectors, technicians, engineers including associated companies allows us to provide highly competitively priced services globally.

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