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Precision Piling has decades of experience in hand piling. We specialise in hand drilling piles of various sizes that range from 250mm to 600 mm which is up to 12 meters deep. Our experience and expertise help us when installing contiguous pile walls, timber shoring walls, and individual piles even in the places that are difficult to access and where we can’t use machines. We are hand piling specialists and we can install piles without vibration or risking the surrounding structures or buildings.

There are times when we don’t have to excavate the entire property. In that case, we just retain the walls. The process is called shoring. Shoring on Sydney job sites is used as a temporary measure for allowing safe excavation by supporting a structure, trench, or a building when they are in the process of alteration, repair or in danger of collapsing. After the work is done, shoring becomes obsolete. Shoring is more cost-effective than contiguous piling if the excavation doesn’t need to go all the way to the boundaries.

At Precision Piling, we have a well-qualified, efficient team that looks after concrete pumping tasks in a highly effective way. The team consists of experienced, knowledgeable workers who strive to give the best results. We carry the required skills to pump the concrete and to control where it is placed.

We offer many options for underpinning in Australia. We use soil strengthening where the soils are extracted or weakened. Our most conventional method is mass concreting or mass pouring which has remained unchanged for over centuries now. In this method, we dig a box-shaped hole beneath the existing foundation of a structure and then fill it with concrete.

Our company and professional technicians follow all safety measures for our concrete pumping. Our concrete pumping practices carry high standards, and we transfer concrete through the line and boom pumps. Our specialists also ensure the completion of tasks within the time limits and do not cause delays.

Professional Concrete pumping in Sydney

We carry a massive amount of experience in providing similar services in Sydney and related areas. We are well-known for the high-quality, efficient work done by our Concrete pumping experts. Also, we are a reliable and responsible organization that looks after piling tasks.

Having such an expert in concrete pumping, we have built a great reputation among builders, landscapers, engineers, and developers across the region. This helps us lay the foundations of a successful build for all clients.

Precision Piling will make sure that we leave the work site tidy and mess-free after the completion of the task. We ensure to maintain client satisfaction right from the beginning to the end. We carry out our concrete pumping with the help of modern, safe, and advanced tools & equipment.


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