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Perth Plumbers

Peake Plumbing services all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area and specialises in all aspects of plumbing maintenance, including blocked drains, servicing taps, toilets, burst pipes, hot water systems and gas installations.

Our focus is customer service. Peake Plumbing is available to attend to any emergency plumbing and gas work.

15 years plumbing experience in Perth, Western Australia

Same day service for plumbing emergencies

Same day service for burst pipes, blocked drains, hot water systems problems

All plumbing maintenance and renovations

Free quotes on Hot Water Systems

Excellent customer service

Credit card and eftpos facilities available

Call us now on 0402 349 817 or email us

Peake Plumbing have an ongoing relationship with several Real Estate Agents and other clients in Perth in which we take great pride in offering a professional and reliable service and attend to any emergencies whenever we are required day or night. If you would like a reference please call Dara from Residential & Investment Realty (08 9446 5005), Colin from Professionals Main Realty (08 9344 3623), and Paul or Leonie from MAS Real Estate (08 9389 8375)

Blocked Drains / Drain Cleaning

Blocked DrainPeake Plumbing specialises in blocked sewer drains, toilet drains, shower drains, basin drains and sink drains.

Blocked drains can create an unhygienic mess that requires urgent attention. Peake Plumbing is available to attend to any emergency blocked drains.

A blocked sewer drain can be a major problem as it is commonly the cause of some or all of the fixtures in the house being obstructed. It can also be unhygienic as it may flow out from the overflow gully above ground causing an unpleasant odour.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets can be caused by many different scenarios. When attending to a blocked toilet, it is best to plunge first as occasionally it may simply be excess toilet paper and plunging is the most cost efficient method.

However, a toilet may be blocked as a result of an obstruction further down the line, most likely tree roots. We would then have to locate the inspection point, which is generally buried underground, and use either a roto rooter/electric eel.

We also have the option to inspect the drain with a CCTV drain camera to ensure all roots have been cleared and no further blockages exist.

If you have a suspected burst pipe, the first thing to do is turn your mains water supply off (located somewhere out the front of the property) or the isolation tap to the hot water unit. If advised to do so by one of our plumbers depending on your type of Hot Water System.

If the fault is on the hot water line, keeping the mains on will allow you to still have cold water. Then call Peake Plumbing on (08) 6361 1547 and we will endeavour to fix the problem asap.

Peake Plumbing carries equipment required to repair almost all burst pipes. If we cannot locate the leak, we can arrange specialised services from a leak detection expert.

If you have a suspected burst pipe then you can download this leak allowance form from the Water Corporation, this will allow you to claim back part of the cost for the amount of wasted water you have lost. Peake Plumbing is licenced and able to complete the form.

If you require an emergency hot water system replacement or repair, call Peake Plumbing on (08) 6361 1547.

We specialise in all electric and gas hot water storage and instantaneous systems. We provide same day service for plumbing emergencies.

Free quotes on Hot Water Systems

We will endeavour to replace the system the same day as we understand how important it is to have hot water up and running.

We will also remove and dispose your old system free of charge!

Leaking/Dripping Taps

A dripping tap can be noisy and waste thousands of litres of water every month if left unserviced. A badly leaking hot tap can add undue strain on the Hot Water System causing the gas or electrical components to be unnecessarily functioning.

Backflow devices are an extremely important part of keeping a safe working water system.

Peake Plumbing caries all parts required for a retic cut in including ball valves and check valves and other parts required.


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