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It is the intention of this company to at all times provide our clients with a multi skilled and multifaceted crew all working as an integral part of the project to achieve the primary goal, to run on schedule and within the budget, whilst at no time sacrificing quality and safety standards.

Multirig is a customer driven company with each new client representing the beginning of a long term relationship. It is with this knowledge in mind that an emphasis to quality, safety and schedule are paramount on all Multirig sites.

In ensuring constancy the need to keep ahead of the rapid pace the construction industry moves at has never been greater. Through the acquisition of new equipment, performance monitoring and safety management systems our personal move forward with us entering into the highly diverse and ever challenging market with ease and confidence.

Attention to detail we combine the skills and experience of our people and our equipment to provide tailor made solutions at all times. With an open line of communication policy and the knowledge that full responsibility for the planning, time schedules, cranes, access and transport are all in house, our clients are guaranteed a rapid response time and importantly a level of accountability often lacking in on site logistics.

Multirig Townsville

One of the largest pre-cast/ tilt panel and steel erection companies in North Queensland, we incorporate all our resources of site fabrication, steel erection, crane and rigging, transport and panel erection into an integrated business moving forward with a strong conviction and dedication in being the single source provider for our clients.

At the core of Multirig’s ethos is a firm commitment and passion that is customer driven. We have built strong relationships with our clients enabling us to emerge and grow to become unsurpassed by many of our competitors. It is this dedication to our future and an acute awareness of the industry that we move forward in the knowledge that to remain at the for front we must at all times provide our clients with the highest quality services and support available in the industry.

Steel Erection

With a very strong history in structural steel a great amount of knowledge has been developed to ensure systems that bring all our services together resulting in an operation on site that runs rapidly and efficiently while simultaneously complying with time and budgetary restraints associated with all projects regardless of size.

Site teams and team leaders are selected per project well in advance of the start date combining quality tools, specialised equipment, experience and skill in their field all working in unison to develop and modify ways to make the project run smoothly and efficiently at all stages.

Tilt Panels

Due to the high input of panels generated through the company a separate division was established, dedicated purely to panel erection and pre-cast installation. Our panel crews are made up of skilled operators, experienced riggers, quality cranes and equipment, pre selected and prepped for each individual project by management.

A field we excel in, in both safety and performance. Constantly reviewing our techniques and procedures as each job carries its own unique risks and therefore unique solutions. Our continuing purchase of new equipment and technologies constantly creates better methods to meet the needs of our clients whilst keeping our company competive and strong.

PreCast Concrete

The difference between precast & tilt panel erection from an installation point of view is quite simply logistics. It is this knowledge that has allowed us to remain ahead of the competition in all areas of the company, however in pre cast it is especially crucial in predicting the successful outcome of every job.

With this in mind an enormous amount of resources and time are allowed for forward planning. This close consultation at all time with all interested parties allows for the needs and expectations of our clients to be met in full.

As a service driven company we are acutely aware that the professional skills and competance or our personal as well as the fact that all equipment is in house we have the advantage of full control of our projects allowing no excuse for error and ensuring successful outcomes.

Crane & Equipment Hire

Crane & Equipment Hire - hiring out on long term /short term or hourly works all machinery and tools are routinely maintained and managed. It is the company’s belief that in order to keep proficient we service and replace parts before they breakdown a rule enforced and strongly monitored by management and our service department.

Rigging - All rigging gear is maintained and tested regularly by a non biased and independent party in compliance with Australian standards. These registers are kept current at all times. In order to support our personal on the ground no restrictions are made on the acquisition of state of the art tools and equipment.

Personal - our riggers, dogman and crane operators work with each other to achieve the clients optimum end result. Due to the experience our teams have working to move safely and efficiently on our sites were the emphasis is placed on execution, completing the job to the highest industry standards can be expected by the customer at all times regardless of job size.


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