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JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd incorporating & JR's Marine Engineering is engaged in providing a broad range of

fabrication, repair and maintenance services to a variety of industrial organisations and the Department of Defence for

repairs and maintenance of ships and submarines. This mostly involves conducting the repairs according to their

specifications in terms of safety, performance, quality, reliability, pricing and delivery on time.

Our company’s vision for the future is to be the most innovative, efficient and effective specialist technical service

provider for our clients. JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd has a commitment to providing services which are

responsive to our client’s needs.

JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd endeavor to become and remain the preferred sub-contractors to Australian

Defence, the Navy, its principal contractors and the industrial organisations by providing high quality workmanship

using safe working methods and ensuring delivery on schedule for the contracted projects. JR’s Welding & Fabrication

Pty Ltd places utmost importance in keeping the customer satisfied and in order to achieve this, it ensures that the

customers’ requirements are properly recorded and relayed throughout the organisation through the Site Supervisors.

JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd endeavor to improve its processing capabilities through consistent following of its

Procedures and Work Instructions set in accordance with the Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and ensuring safe

working environment by providing trained and experienced operators.

To ensure the safety of all personnel, JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd as a conscientious company is committed to

protection against accidental loss to its employees, contractors, visitors and property assets. Contractually bound,

JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd follows the safe Work Methods of their clients and principals when undertaking

jobs on their premises. JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd is conscious of its commitment and resorts to hazard

identification concomitantly with its team and its clients aiming to identify and eliminate any foreseeable hazards in

the contractual works undertaken. JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd Procedures and Work Instructions adapt the

clients Safety Management System requirements to their and own based on industry best practice and meet all

legislative and regulatory requirements. JR’s Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltdrecognise that loss prevention is a team

effort bearing direct responsibility of all those engaged in the process and relies on involved personnel to take

ownership and diligently control the workplace environment.

The company management and Managing Director are committed to consistently and efficiently adopting the Quality

Assurance Management Systems for attaining ongoing process improvements and periodically review the performance

through Management Review Meetings to ensure that these objectives are achieved.

John Rodrigues

Managing Director

June 2018 


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