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When you think about hot water, how many uses can you think of? Between washing your hands with hot water? Using hot water to wash clothes? Taking a hot shower or bath? Using hot water to wash the dished or in the dishwasher? Hot water is vital for many functions and tasks around the home. If your hot water service doesn't work correctly or efficiently, you need to experience the benefits of a fully functional and efficient hot water unit installed and maintained by Hynes Plumbing, your local Geelong plumbers. Hynes Plumbing is here to help. Hynes Plumbing offer hot water servicing in Geelong and the surrounding area. Hynes Plumbing can repair and maintain your existing hot water unit to maximize its effectiveness or install a new, energy-efficient water unit on your property, depending on your plumbing needs. Hynes Plumbing offer gas, electric and solar hot water service options, so you really can choose what is best for your property and your lifestyle. A Geelong plumber who knows their stuff!

Our Company

Hynes Plumbing was founded in 2004 and has been serving the residents of Geelong ever since. Hynes Plumbing takes great pride in excellent customer service, high-quality products and reliable workmanship and services.

Hynes Plumbing make sure to promptly show up in a punctual manner for any service that you need. You probably want to get your plumbing repaired as soon as possible, so Hynes Plumbing offer same-day services. Plus, Hynes Plumbing recognize that some plumbing issues don't happen at convenient times; call for 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Hynes Plumbing, your local Geelong emergency plumber.

Blocked Drains

You've probably experienced this before: you flush the toilet, expecting everything to go down smoothly, but the drain is blocked. You try to run your kitchen tap, expecting it to flow down the drain, but the sink slowly fills with water instead or gurgles. Blocked drains are no fun to deal with, and they can cause some bigger problems if they're left unattended.

No matter what the cause of your blocked drain is, you can call Hynes Plumbing. Hynes Plumbing is your emergency plumber Geelong. Hynes Plumbing are professionals at unclogging drains and unblocking drains. Don't settle for unprofessional or unqualified substitutes or wait hoping the blockage will go away. Trust the professionals at Hynes Plumbing for a quick, simple solution. Blocked drain in Geelong? Contact Hynes Plumbing.

Dangers of Blocked Drains

While a clogged or blocked drain isn't something immediately recognizable as a problem, a host of issues result from pipe and drain blockage. Some of those problems include:

Bad Smells: The odour that comes from a blocked drain is not pleasant. No one wants to smell sewage in their home, so don't let dirty water sit and fester in your pipes.

Contaminated water: When water sits in your pipes, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your toilet's drainage pipes are the worst culprit of this. The scary thing is that the longer the water sits, the worse this disgusting bacteria gets. Let a professional help you to minimise your exposure to harmful germs.

Irritation: People with asthma might experience more attacks because of the pollutants in the air that blocked drains leave. Plus, coming in contact with contaminated water can cause skin irritation as well, so get rid of the issue quickly.

Pipe Leaks: The pressure caused by backed up water can even cause problems with your plumbing. Your pipes might spring a leak, which causes a whole new set of issues in your home.

Call your Geelong emergency plumber, Hynes Plumbing today to resolve your concerns and clean your pipes.


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