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Are you looking for a gas plumber Melbourne? Look no further than Heritage Plumbing Group.

At Heritage Plumbing, we provide a fully comprehensive range of gas plumbing services in Melbourne. This includes gas leaks, gas fitting, gas appliance installation and service in Melbourne. Our expert workmanship extends to all appliances, whether they run on LPG or natural gas.

We are Melbourne’s expert gas fitters and plumbers. All of our work is completely in compliance with current regulations and we ensure that manufacturer specifications are met, keeping your warranty intact.

Whether you are looking to install a new gas appliance, or can smell gas and suspect a gas leak, our experienced Melbourne gas plumbers have the right solution for your gas needs.

If you smell gas in your kitchen, lounge room or in close proximity to gas hot water system, you need to call us immediately.OUR MELBOURNE GAS PLUMBING SERVICES INCLUDE:

– Gas Fitting

– Gas Leak Detection

– Gas Ovens Installation & Service

– Gas Barbeques Installation & Service

– Gas Stove Installation

– Gas Appliance Servicing, Repair or Replacement

– Gas Hot Water Installation & Service

– Gas Ducted Heater Installation

– Gas Meters and Valves Installation

– Gas Flue Pipes Installation & Repair

– Gas Leak Testing

– Gas Pressure Adjustment

When it comes to gas, put your safety first and depend on Heritage Plumbing Group.


Our team of gas plumbing experts can ensure the safety of your home or workplace so give us a call on 03 9498 0458 and speak with our licensed gas plumber Melbourne today!

To have a friendly professional from our gas plumbing team assess your property and give you a quote, or to get something done right away, contact us now on 03 9498 0458. If needed, we always aim to provide same day, prompt service.


If you believe there is a gas leak at your property, we suggest you turn off the isolation valve at the gas meter. This will stop the flow of gas entering your property and will eliminate any further risk to yourself or your family.

Examples of a possible gas leak may be: Smell of gas, Insufficient flame on your gas appliances, hot water heater not heating correctly or shutting off. Call a plumber immediately to discuss the repairs and under no circumstance undertake the work yourself as you need to be trained and licensed.

If there is a gas leak in your house because, for example you can smell gas in the house or have noticed a shallow flame on the stove or cooler hot water, you must have your gas lines checked immediately by a qualified and licenced Melbourne plumber.


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