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Septic Tank Cleaning

Many people only realise that septic tanks need to be emptied when there’s a foul odour. Cleaning tanks every few years is a great way to avoid this problem. We’ll get your septic problems sorted out and give you the information you need to stay on top of septic tank cleaning in the future.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Failure to maintain grease traps can result in blockage and bad odours. Regular cleaning of grease traps ensures that your systems work properly and reduces the occurrence of unsavoury smells.

Waste Oil Recycling

We care for the environment. We can take waste cooking oil and engine oil off your hands and responsibly recycle it. We are able to recycle a variety of liquid waste to meet your needs. Make your business greener by utilising our oil removal services.

Other Services

We also offer service for black water, grey water, stormwater, waste oil filter & oily rag removal, wash down pits, boat bilges and oil. This includes large navy boats to small commercial vessels. 

Organic Compost

Our commitment to responsible waste disposal practices is evident in our emphasis on recycling as much waste as possible. As part of this effort, we recycle grease trap content for use in our recycled compost, which is available for you to purchase. Our compost was designed by agricultural scientist David Finny from organic materials such as tea tree mulch, cow manure, chicken manure, peanut shell and organic matter.

Organic matter is vital to good soil health. Adding organic compost to Australian soil nourishes the soil and provides it with a range of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. Organic compost also helps keep weeds out and prevents diseases in plants and soil. All of our organic compost has been professionally composted within Australian standards and is EPA approved.


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