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About us!

We are an Australian owned business Based on the central coast NSW & founded in 2006.

Offering Design -Drafting - 3d printing - reverse engineering - Custom fabrication and Welding Services.

Our main areas of focus are:

Consistent High quality through the use of state of the art Software / equipment and the highest quality Australian and USA Made Materials and highly skilled personnel.

Our clients range from CSIRO, Telstra, Imperial Centre Gosford, Cleanaway, SDI plastics QLD, BWI plastic. SLSC and many more from - Defence - Aerospace - Automotive, Radio Telescopes

​For Design - Drafting / 3D Printing & Fabrication contact us with confidence.

 CAD Design & Drafting Service

3D Printing Service

Fabrication & Welding Service

CNC Service

Industrial Repair & Preventative Maintenance 

We are a true one stop Shop.

From a Small Project to a Full ground up Concept

Design & Drafting to Building / Manufacture.

Need Help dont know where to start We can help!

We can offer a full remote service from Design & Drafting Service to Manufacture as well as a more Traditional face to face Service in Workshop or on Site.

3D Printing -

Additive Manufacturing

 Design service

3D Print Shop


Design - Production, We offer free consultations to discuss and plan your project.

We specialise in solving problems for clients with high Quality, high Strength solutions

Commercial 3D Printing service.

Markforged fibre reinforced High strength 3d prints Shipped Globally

Additive Manufacturing

- High strength industrial Grade Materials 

Design Service for Custom parts




Fast Prototype development.

Functional prototypes

Reverse Engineering

3D scanning and sales coming on line 2nd Quarter 2021

End-use parts that require high strength durability and stiffness: 

Materials used: Markforged Onyx reinforced with Fibre filament Carbon-fibre, Kevlar, HSHT, Glassfibre

Soon to offer: PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, for High Temperature High Strength applications

Metal Printing

Consultation for Drafting & Design optimisation

Cac.works use state of the art software and design procedures to Draft your plans

Optimise your Design for 3d printed - Traditionally manufacturing procedures.

Could we help you ? Do you need SOL 3D Scanner

The User -friendly 3D Scanner

Finally in Australia.

From the Official Distributor

SOL 3D scanner provides an easy-to-use solution for creating digital copies of real-world objects. The scanner can help a variety of users achieve their goals regardless if their 3D workflow is scan-to-print, scan-to-model, or scan-to-share.

SOL 3D scanner is small and lightweight, and uses a combination of laser triangulation and white light technology. The turntable helps automating the 3D scanning process. The dedicated SOL software notifies the user of next steps with sound or text messages. 3D scans are viewed directly in the SOL software and can be exported and further edited in third-party 3D software.

The scanner is developed and marketed by Scan Dimension, a division of the scanning heavyweight Global Scanning. Global Scanning is a Denmark-based technology company with 30 years of experience in the image-capturing sector. This collective experience is behind the engineering of SOL, which was designed to be – above all – portable, affordable, easy to use and precise

CAD Drafting Service

Prototypes Designed from your Ideas

Convert old 2D paper drawings to modern cad files.

Reverse Engineering to produce replacement parts, components that are no longer available.

New Upgraded 3D Scanners being installed 3nd Quarter 2021 

We are here to help and advice is free! 

Call to book a free consultation


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