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B. J. Flanigan Engineering is a proven reliable source for industry professionals. Boasting almost 50 years hands-on experience, we have established and maintained our position as the market leader in the steel fabrication industry. We proudly cater for the steel fabrication needs of government and private entities alike and work hand in hand with engineers, project managers and builders.

Based at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane, Australia we are very proud of our long history and the service that we have provided to ensure the success of many of our long-term customers.

Being the preferred supplier to many large corporations, much of our work is very high profile. In fact it is seen and used on a daily basis. If you have enjoyed a day out at one of South East Queenslands' ubiquitous theme parks or visited SouthBank in the heart of Brisbane, you have most likely encountered our expertise in water filtration. Our work in this area stretches far and wide from your local council swimming pool to package treatment plants in rural and regional Australia.

Similarly, visit Stradbroke, Moreton or Fraser Islands and you would probably travel on a barge built by us. While if you like a feed of fresh Australian caught seafood, then there is every chance it will be from a trawler built by us. And if perchance you enjoyed that meal at Oxleys Wharf Restaurant on the Brisbane River, you’ll be pleased to know we helped to build that too.

It has often been said that Australia stops without trucks. Here again we are working quietly behind the scenes supplying sub assemblies to semi-trailer manufacturers who ultimately supply your local transport company right through to the Royal Australian Army. Next time you stop alongside a semi at a set of traffic lights, consider this: if we didn’t help build the trailer then there is a good chance we may have helped build the lights.

As you can see, at B. J. Flanigan Engineering we are the ‘jack of all trades’ of the steel fabrication industry. And we haven’t even begun to brag about our expertise in the areas of structural steel, tanks, silos and all the other areas in which we shine.

B. J. Flanigan Engineering understands that reliability, responsiveness and open lines of communication are the corner stones of effective project management. That’s why we have embraced this service philosophy. We guarantee that you will always know where your project stands and that you will be a top priority.

We also assure you that you will have our full resources (both technical resources and the human kind) available to you when and where you need them.


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  • 11 Activity St, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110, Australia

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