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Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services

Overview of Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services

Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services is a family owned and operated company. With our main depot located in Woodford, we service most areas in Queensland and willing to travel Australia wide.  We have a fleet of semi-trailer water tankers, B-double water tankers & road train water tankers. The cannons on our Tankers enable us to water up to 60 metres from the truck, therefore reducing the need to drive on new turf etc. or water gardens that are normally not accessible.
We offer a 24 hr/7 day a week service on quoted/tendered load prices or hourly rates. If it's a smaller water tanker that you require, we have a large number of sub - contractors that work for us, ranging from 8,000L up to 17,000L carrying capacity. Available for both long-term and short-term hire and offering both WET & DRY hire.
In addition to the Water Tankers, we also have a Quad Low Loader.

No job is too big or too small.

Services offered by Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services

Our Trucks side and batter sprays, rear sprays, dribble bar and cannons that are all started and operated from the cab of the truck whilst on the move. They also have the capabilities of loading themselves from your dam / holding tanks etc and we specialise in Dust Control, Gas industry, Road Spraying, Landscaping, Road Works etc

All of our Tankers are also fitted with Ring Feeders for Road Stabilizing.

Locations for Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services

Queen Street, Roma, QLD 4455
56 Jenkinsons Road, Woodford, QLD 4514
Stansfield Street, Hughenden, QLD 4821