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What distinguishes AMG Pump Rentals is our reputation and ability to deliver successful projects for civil contractors, mining & industrial companies, earthmovers & developers and local & state government utility organisations.

Clients across all of these sector benefit from our sound advice, planning, fit-for-purpose equipment, resources (both management and in-field), logistics and project reporting – for each pumping application. A truly integrated and trusted approach.

For Civil Contractors . . . we are often called upon to provide both advice and Dry Hire equipment for projects where there is a requirement for more specialist water pumping solutions. In addition, we can help contractors adhere to tight timescales and budgets and for quick turnaround projects. We also provide customised solutions for more complex projects.

For Mining and Industrial Companies . . . typically, we are involved in the feasibility and project planning stages of larger scale applications. These may consist of multiple water sources and transfer stations. Many projects in these sectors incorporate our high level reporting tools and remote data monitoring services.

Earthmover & Developers . . . from manual Dry Hire options through to fully automated large-scale projects, we are able to build in other specialist factors such as dust suppression and control into a project scope. Other factors may include rapid deployment and relocation demands, liaising with multiple parties on site and built-in consideration for all future phases of projects as applicable.

Local & State Government Utilities . . . we take a proactive approach to advisory work, helping to mitigate risk and unwelcome cost where possible. For key services, we provide levels of emergency response to ensure public service disruption is minimised. Full scope ownership is generally requested whereby AMG design, prepare, test, deploy/install and maintain all equipment for the duration of the given project. Many projects in this sector feature our high level reporting tools and remote data monitoring services.


Utilising a blend of the highest quality equipment and highly experience people, our integrated services range from;

water provision
water transfer
water storage
water extraction
dewatering and
boosting inline systems.
Our experience in managing water and pumping projects includes;

application design
final equipment and resources specification
system testing
ongoing maintenance/support
management reporting
By utilising our experience in project planning, application design, equipment and resources specification and pre-project system testing, we regularly help clients maximise their available budget. Thorough planning also directly helps avoid project delays and/or disruption at all stages.

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