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170 Piper St, Bathurst NSW 2795

Overview of Abroearth Pty Ltd

Abroearth Pty Ltd can supply engineered solutions to your most difficult jobs!

Our engineer is your engineer.

Abroearth Pty Ltd has 30 years experience in the field of structural rectification and underpinning. "Chris Bennett" is the team leader of Abroearth Pty Ltd in the structural rectification and underpinning.

Builders and engineers call us in when a disaster has happened A job has gone wrong Access is very difficult The logistics of doing the job are complex. 

We specialise in: Foundations, Underpinning collapsed walls and structures, Fixing collapsed retaining walls, Rectifying landslips, Shoring sites for excavation, Tunneling in restricted areas, Rectifying buildings, Retention Tables, Basements, Difficult and restricted site access, Structural Changes

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