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  • Ballina NSW
  • Fleet Size: 12

Marine Plant Hire

Marine Plant - used on offshore oil rigs and any project in the ocean

iSeekPlant has access to a wide range of marine plant, including barges, boats and vessels, as well as marine welders and generators. Barges are an economical and effective way of transporting heavy goods across the water, with a large carrying capacity and low operating costs, as well as a small carbon footprint. Typically, barges are used in tandem with tugs, but there are self-propelling models available in our plant listings, as well as barges designed specifically for crane transport and various sizes of the versatile multi-cat. Through iSeekPlant, you're also able to access a wide range of marine boats and vessels, including survey boats, crew and rescue boats, as well as platform supply vessels in almost any size you need. Tug boats are also available to hire in a variety of towing capacities, including specialised anchor handling tugs (AHTs). Marine welders and generators are often essential equipment on marine projects, easy to choose from on our rental listing pages. Either search directly, or just give us a call on 1300 691 912 and let us find you the best marine plant Australia has to offer.

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