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What is a Forklifts?

Forklifts have been used on sites around the world for more than 100 years, and are one of the most helpful pieces of machinery available. We have many different forklift hire suppliers throughout Australia with impressive load capacities, and able to be powered by propane gas, petrol, diesel, or even electricity. Gas, petrol, or battery-powered machines are the best option for indoor use or projects that have a focus on being environmentally friendly, while diesel works well for large projects and outdoor use.

Fork Lift Lifting specs include:

Diesel – 0 – 50t

Gas and Petrol – 0 - 20t

Electric – 0-3t and above

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The types of Forklifts

Diesel Powered

Forklifts powered by diesel have a capacity of up to 50 tonnes and are often used in large projects and outdoor jobs as they generate a large amount of noise and fumes due to their larger size and powerful engines. Diesel powered forklifts are cheap to run, fuel-efficient, work well on gradients, and are also the more powerful option for towing duties (or in the event that a bucket is being used on the forks for scooping). If you require a diesel powered forklift for your next project, we have a wide range of diesel powered forklift hire suppliers with forklifts sizes starting from smaller <3 tonne models to larger 50+ tonne sizes. The diesel powered forklift will usually have superior performance compared to electric options, with better lift speeds, and acceleration. Servicing and maintenance costs are also lower compared to gas forklifts.

Gas and Petrol Powered

Forklifts powered with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) have the best ratio for fuel to load capacity and can consistently run throughout the lifetime of a project, however, operators must have a high skill level. There are a number of gas and petrol powered forklift hire suppliers listed on iSeekplant ranging from <3 tonne to 20 tonne. Their suitability for use both inside and outside, competitive pricing, and ability to work around the clock make them a popular option. Forklifts powered with LPG are quieter than their diesel counterparts, and the exhaust fumes are also less offensive in comparison. Lift speeds, travel speeds and rates of acceleration are also better compared to diesel-powered and electric equivalents, due to their more responsive engines and superior power to weight ratios. As you can see, there are a number of options for your forklift equipment and forklift hire suppliers throughout the country. If you’re having trouble deciding which machine is the best fit for your next project, contact our team of industry-trained experts today on 1300 691 912.


While electric-powered forklifts have lower capacities, they’re more mobile and manoeuvrable than forklifts powered by diesel, and they’re fume-free, with no harmful emissions. The batteries in electric-powered forklifts work as effective counterweights, they’re efficient to run and can charge through the mains, and they’re also quiet while being used, especially compared to forklifts that are powered by diesel. Electric-powered forklift hire suppliers provide electric forklifts ranging from <1 tonne to 3+ tonnes, which are easier to drive compared to engine powered machines since there are only brake and accelerator pedals for the operator to contend with (compared to an additional clutch or inching pedal with other machines). The one downside for electric-powered forklifts is the amount of time they take to charge which could slow things down for large projects with a lot to be moved. Electric forklifts are the ideal option for indoor use or jobs that have a focus on being environmentally friendly.

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Forklifts Hire Rates

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Thousands of Forklift Hire Suppliers

View Forklift Supplier fleets on iSeekplant. Contact Forklift Suppliers, get Forklift hire quotes or call and hire immediately.