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5th December 2018

Multi-billion-dollar high-speed rail proposed for Regional NSW!

The current New South Wales Government has announced plans for four state-of-the-art fast rail routes connecting Sydney to a collection of growing population centres across regional NSW, along with a direct route to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

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11th February 2019

A Simple DIY Guide to Land Clearing

Steps to clearing your backyard: Know the lay of the land Create a plan Organise machines and any missing equipment Knock down trees Remove tree stumps Conduct a clean out of the area Excavate topsoil Fill in the site, level, and compact soil Dispose of garden waste and excess soil

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23rd December 2014

ACT Light Rail Project Quick Links and Resources

Image source: In Canberra, ACT, a light rail network has been planned to link the City Centre and the expanding area of Gungahlin. The ACT Light Rail Project is estimated to cost around $700 million, and should be completed by 2019. Stage one of the project, Capital Metro, is the first stage of what will be a city-wide upgrade to public transport infrastructure which is sorely needed in Canberra now and in the future. With a high amount of Government spending on road infrastructure in the last decade, Canberra has one of the highest rates of car-dependence in Australia, and the known challenges of urban sprawl are being addressed in this public transport initiative, in an effort to maximise city living and allow transport options to be available to all residents of the city.

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Suppliers of Container Hire in Canberra

When you need to hire containers, don’t let it cost you too much time and money. iSeekplant has simplified the process so that you can search, quote and source plant hire quickly while getting the best possible value for money. We have a long list of registered suppliers in Canberra and surrounding areas so that you can hire containers whenever you need.

More than 3,700 independent suppliers make up our nationwide network, ranging from small operations to large rental companies. Each has demonstrated high levels of service and quality machinery, so source what you need from us and have full confidence that you can meet the demands of any project.

How to search containers for hire

If there are too many results to sift through, you can narrow it down using the filters displayed on the left of the listings. Specify whether you need 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, half heights or dangerous goods storage, and further refine the search by location, keyword and hire duration required. The results will then be adjusted according to your search criteria and you can click on a supplier to find out more about what they offer. From there, simply get in touch with them with an inquiry or ask for a quote through our online form.

You can also take advantage of our class-leading tool by posting job details through our website so that available suppliers can see what you need. You will then be contacted by providers with quotes and availability with the freedom to choose the most suitable option.

We can even conduct a search on your behalf through our projects team: an experienced group of professionals who are here to help you source machinery in Canberra quickly, easily and affordably. This assistance is provided free of charge, so feel free to contact us at any time for support during your search and we will be more than happy to help.

Start your search today

Thanks to our extensive online database, it’s so easy to find containers for hire in Canberra and anywhere else in Australia. For more information on what we do or to ask for assistance with your search, call 1300 691 912 or send a written inquiry to

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