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What is a Concrete Cutting?

What is concrete cutting?

Concrete cutting refers to the broad spectrum of processes used for the controlled sawing, drilling or removal of concrete using a specialised saw fitted with a diamond strengthened blade. Some of the different concrete cutting processes are core drilling and wall, slab and flat sawing.

Concrete grinder hire and concrete grinding services

At iSeekplant, we have a vast database of concrete grinding equipment, suppliers and contractors for hire who can provide a complete range of services for residential, commercial and industrial requirements. Concrete grinding services and equipment can quickly and efficiently remove any adhesives, floor coatings or epoxy from your concrete slab, creating a smooth surface ready for sealing and polishing. 

Through iSeekplant, you have access to the latest concrete grinders for hire, equipped with heavy-duty vacuum features to remove airborne concrete dust, maintaining a safer, healthier work environment. The high-frequency operation of modern concrete grinders also allows grinding in smaller areas that aren't well ventilated, without having to worry about the operator inhaling any toxic fumes.

Concrete drill hire and concrete drilling services 

If you're after a state-of-the-art concrete drill for hire and an experienced drilling contractor, you're sure to find exactly what you're after at the most competitive rate with iSeekplant's vast database of plant hire equipment and operators. Our centralised digital platform enables you to access electric, hydraulic and petrol concrete drills suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We also have drilling contractors available who are fully certified and have extensive expertise drilling holes for utilities, slab composition and many other requirements. 

Concrete saw hire and concrete sawing services

Whatever your concrete floor, road or wall sawing needs, through iSeekplant you can source concrete saws for hire with a vast range of features and capabilities. There are concrete saws for hire which will accurately cut all types of concrete surfaces, from pavement, floors and decks to slabs. Fitted with a diamond tempered blade, these saws can cleanly penetrate concrete to repair pipes and sewer lines, add new utilities or cut up old concrete for demolition projects. 

Hole cutter hire, hole saw hire and hole cutting services

At iSeekplant, you can source superior quality hole cutters and hole saws for hire from local, regional or national suppliers at very competitive prices. There are hole saws and cutters with a vast range of features for all types of DIY, residential, commercial and industrial projects. To ensure you get your hole cutting or sawing project completed safely and precisely, there are also concrete cutting contractors available with a varied scope of expertise.

Concrete cutting equipment hire and cutting concrete services available Australia-wide

When you use iSeekplant's centralised plant hire equipment, suppliers and services database, you can find quality concrete cutting equipment for hire locally, regionally and nationally. This enables you to save time and money, as you can choose the best equipment for your project at the most competitive rate, whether you're after a concrete drill, hole saw, concrete grinder or concrete saw. You also have the option to source dry hire services of equipment only or wet hire with an operator.

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The different types of concrete cuttings

What is a Hole Cutting Concrete Cutting?

Hole cutting and sawing services include:
  • expansion joints
  • service and utility installation
  • lifting rods and anchor bolts
  • manholes
  • fencing
  • walls, floors, roads and driveways

What is a Concrete Sawing Concrete Cutting?

Some of the different concrete sawing services available include:

  • concrete slab demolition
  • cutting of concrete, brick, masonry, tiles, asphalt & many other materials
  • runway cutting
  • green concrete expansion cutting to avoid cracks developing
  • driveway cutting
  • suspended floor penetration cutting
  • commercial & industrial slab cutting
  • cutting for trenching, plumbing & other utility applications

With iSeekplant, you can also hire a professional concrete cutting contractor to operate your saw. Because there's such a wide selection of concrete saws and contractors to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're after to get your project completed on time and budget.

What is a Concrete Drilling Concrete Cutting?

Concrete drilling services which can be found on iSeekplant include:

  • hole drilling for floors, walls, inverted ceilings and structures anchored to concrete
  • explosive charge drilling 
  • slab composition, depth & condition drilling
  • drilling for utilities & services (plumbing, air conditioning, heating & electricity)
  • sewer drilling
  • sprinkler installation drilling
  • post, sign, balustrade & fence installation drilling

What is a Concrete Grinding Concrete Cutting?

Concrete grinding services which are available through iSeekplant's suppliers include:

• epoxy removal
• floor coating removal
• floor polishing 
• grouting
• residential & commercial concrete grinding
• matte, semi or high gloss floor sealing
• concrete colouring 
• industrial concrete grinding for warehouses & factories 

What are Common Concrete Cutting Hire Rates?

One of the major benefits of using iSeekplant for concrete cutting equipment and services is the huge range of plant hire equipment and contractors available, which means you can choose the most efficient and cost-effective options. If you're uncertain what concrete drill, concrete cutting saw or concrete grinder is suitable for your project, contact our projects team today on 1300 691 912 and they'll be happy to help by comparing suppliers, rates and services to find the best alternative based on your project specifications.

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