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Compactor Hire in Darwin, NT 800

Latest news in Darwin, NT

31st January 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a retaining wall

 Steps to build a retaining wall: Know the lay of the land - contact Dial Before You Dig Draft your wall design Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate area and trench Lay and compact road base Lay steel bar grid/mesh and set up wooden forms Pour footing - lay cement and sand mix Screed and level the cement/sand mix Lay first row of bricks Fill first layer of bricks with blue metal aggregate Optional - Install drainage pipe Lay remaining layers of bricks Remove lugs from top layer Install caps Allow everything to dry

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11th February 2019

A simple DIY guide to land clearing

Steps to clearing your backyard: Know the lay of the land Create a plan Organise machines and any missing equipment Knock down trees Remove tree stumps Conduct a clean out of the area Excavate topsoil Fill in the site, level, and compact soil Dispose of garden waste and excess soil

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23rd July 2018

Construction of the $800 million Northern Gas Pipeline has been Completed

The Northern Gas Pipeline, linking Tennant Creek to Mt Isa, has officially completed construction and gas is expected to start flowing by the end of the year. Antoon Boey, Jemena's executive general manager of corporate development, has spoken about reaching this major milestone.

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Compactor Hire for the Benefit of your Darwin Business

On the lookout for a superior compactor that will help you get any job done with ease? Browse iSeekplant’s extensive directory to get access to the highest quality of compactors for your everyday needs.

Our advantage? We’re a trusted aggregator of third-party equipment for Darwin businesses, listing only the best suppliers. We will link you to the precise equipment you need with easy-to-use search functions.

Even better, you’ll always be able to find a low-cost piece of equipment. Each supplier that chooses to list with us is competing against hundreds of other equipment dealers for your competition. This means that they’ll stop at nothing to offer you the best prices in the business, passing the incredible savings on to you.

Our safety promise

As there is nothing more important than the safety of you and your worker’s, it’s essential that your equipment has undergone rigorous standards testing before it enters your worksite. That’s why we have quality assurances that follow state-wide and national guidelines. Before any supplier can list their services on our site, they have to undergo stringent tests so we know they provide the best.

How to browse

Ready to get started? Browse through our online database by entering your search terms – simply choose ‘compactor hire’ to be presented with all of our options, Australia wide.

You also have the option of narrowing down your search to find the ideal products for you. Looking for a plate compactor, or one that will handle heavy-duty materials such as asphalt? Sort the search results by type.

Looking to reduce costs on hire? You can filter by location, to select only the equipment that’s in your local area. This not only reduces the amount of time it will take for the equipment to reach you, but it reduces the cost of transport – as you don’t have to worry about transport across the country, the savings will be obvious.

Questions? Contact us to learn more

If you are a supplier and would like to access an efficient way to list your equipment, please contact us for assistance. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through the steps of uploading your equipment and getting connected to the right people to lease it out.

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