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Bobcat & Truck Combo Hire in Perth, WA 6000

Latest news in Perth, WA

11th February 2019

A simple DIY guide to land clearing

Steps to clearing your backyard: Know the lay of the land Create a plan Organise machines and any missing equipment Knock down trees Remove tree stumps Conduct a clean out of the area Excavate topsoil Fill in the site, level, and compact soil Dispose of garden waste and excess soil

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6th February 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a shed

Steps to build a shed: Know the lay of the land Draft your up your plans Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate the slab hole Install wooden forms around excavated slab hole Pour basecourse and compact it Add in layer of sand Lay a sheet of polythene Lay reinforcing mesh Pour and cure concrete (one of the hardest and most tedious steps) Organise shed frame Install and secure shed frame (fasten/fix to slab) Install shelving, furniture, and decor

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29th October 2018

Woodside prioritises Bechtel for major Pluto LNG contract in $15.5 billion Scarborough project

Bechtel are preparing for a major contract to build a second Pluto LNG train (a liquefaction and purification facility) within WA’s massive $15.5 billion Scarborough project.

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Combo Hire For Perth

A combo can include anything from an 8-tonne excavator to a 2 tonne bobcat or an 800kg mini digger, all provided with a flatbed truck to match. iSeekplant helps earthmoving companies and construction firms across Perth connect with plant and equipment suppliers in their local area, getting them the tools they need to get the job done right. Our combo hire service gives you access to a huge catalog of local businesses and puts their fleet in front of you. Whatever your job demands, you’ll find your needs met with iSeekplant.

Plant and equipment for every kind of job

From sub-1-tonne diggers and bobcats that can fit through doorways to 5-tonne and up vehicles ideal for pool excavation and utilities work, we offer equipment to suit every size of any project. We know no two jobs and no two companies are alike, so we make it easy to tailor your equipment requirements to the task at hand with our extensive range. Choose from skid-steer and posi track models in a variety of sizes to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your work.

These units are small enough to be mounted on road trucks, meaning transportation to the job site is simple and easy. Combos are a comprehensive solution for earthmoving projects. One package gives you everything you need to transport your vehicle to the job site, perform the excavation, and transport the resulting loose material wherever it needs to go. Rather than separately hiring a truck and a bobcat or excavator, consider our range of combos.

Making combo hire simple and easy for businesses across the city

It’s easy to get the equipment you need with help from iSeekplant. Our innovative combo hire service makes it easier and less stressful than ever to get the equipment you need when and where it’s needed. Before, you’d have to cold call potentially dozens of suppliers to find one with the precise make and model you required. If you were working at short notice – to replace a sick worker, for example – often you’d only find them in some inconvenient area, meaning either paying enormous transportation costs or suspending work.

iSeekplant makes the whole process infinitely less complex. Immediately know who the suppliers in your local area are and exactly what they have in their fleet, meaning no disappointing phone calls to discover they don’t have the model you need in stock.

Equipment suppliers love our service too. Make a profile in under five minutes, and list every vehicle you own and let your customers come to you. Our service is a fantastic accompaniment to traditional advertising; just point your customers at your iSeekplant profile and let them make the decision themselves.

Find the vehicles you need today

Browse our listings today and discover why more Perth businesses are turning to iSeekplant for their hiring and supply needs. Any questions? Get in touch with our customer service department on 1300 691 912.

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