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Turn traditional and grey concrete into colourful and decorative pieces using coloured concrete solutions. From aggregate concrete colours on a patio to chic coloured concrete on a driveway, there are an infinite number of options when using a concrete colour system for your residential or commercial project. When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your concrete, contact iSeekplant to help you find the right suppliers for the job.

iSeekplant has a nationwide network giving you instant access to the top-rated coloured concrete contractors in your local area, as well as equipment hire if you choose to go the DIY-route. We provide the leading platform allowing you to compare prices and review testimonials from other customers before contacting your preferred contractor. By using our Get a Quote tool, you can get quotes for coloured concrete, concrete supply, exposed aggregate concrete, decorative concrete and lightweight concrete.

Coloured Concrete FAQs

Here's some tips & frequently asked questions on how to find the right coloured concrete for your job

1. What is coloured concrete?

Coloured concrete is both a process and product. In terms of a process, the concrete colour system allows technicians to stain and dye the surface of concrete in different colours. This creates many options for a visually distinctive look. For example, a coloured concrete driveway can include interesting patterns or even textures when using exposed concrete colours.

When creating and installing a concrete colour solution, you’ll need a skilled and experienced contractor who knows how to work with the material and how to use the equipment required to perform related functions like staining, dying, sealing, and even preparing and grading the land before installation.

Contractors typically use a water-based stain or acid chemical stains for grey and white concrete. Keep in mind that grey concrete produces more dark and earthy tones, while white concrete colour solutions achieve a lighter finish.


2. Is coloured concrete more expensive?

Yes, coloured concrete is more expensive than ‘plain’ or grey concrete. Furthermore, white concrete is also more expensive to begin with than grey concrete. For example, to truly understand how much more a coloured concrete driveway may cost, you’ll need to understand the factors that go into calculating concrete costs.

These include:

  • The size of the driveway — Many local councils require driveways to be a minimum of 3 metres.
  • The thickness — Local councils also require driveways to be at least 125 millimetres thick, which is thicker than concrete paving.
  • The slope or incline of the driveway — Laying concrete on a flat surface costs about $65 to $85 per square metre. However, a driveway on a slope can cost about $10 more per square metre.

Keep in mind that these are the costs for concrete laying only. You’ll also need to consider how much your contractor may charge you for excavation or creating a base, which helps to prevent potholes and concrete erosion. You could pay as much as $2,600 for a flat driveway and $2,800 for a low incline driveway.

Now, add another $10 per square metre for coloured concrete. This could bring your cost for a coloured concrete driveway to between $85 and $105 per square metre. However, using exposed concrete colours could cost you between $100 to $150 per square metre, depending on the type of aggregate.


3. Does coloured concrete fade?

The best part about using the concrete colour system is that these pigments are deep and won’t fade. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need care and maintenance. The colour pigments used are UV-stable and fade resistant.

While the concrete is being cured, you may notice that it transforms to a white colour. This process is known as efflorescence, which is when water evaporates from the concrete and excess lime rises to the surface. This is a normal process and fades in time with rainfall. However, your concrete contractor can also help you remove the efflorescence.


4. Does coloured concrete need sealing?

Aggregate or exposed concrete colours on driveways and other areas require sealing. This is a protective layer that decreases the wear and tear on the colour concrete surface. It has a clean and sleek appearance that makes the concrete easier to clean and maintain over time. You can use acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane sealers.


5. What is the best colour for concrete?

There is no ‘best’ colour for concrete. It depends on the other features of the property, the individual’s preference, and even the functionality of the concrete. For example, a coloured concrete driveway might look great with a dark charcoal or a dark earth tone. On the other hand, a patio might look better with coloured concrete that matches natural stone.


6. Where can I hire coloured concrete suppliers?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of quality coloured concrete suppliers operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. We also offer coloured concrete solutions in all major towns and cities from Cairns down to Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Hobart.


7. How to use iSeekplant to find a coloured concrete contractor?

To find the right concrete colour solutions for your project, begin with iSeekplant’s handy Get a Quote tool. You can also call us on 1300 691 912 or email us at projects@iseekplant.com.au for more information and your personalised service today.

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