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Bored Piers in Werribee

When you are looking for foundation piles that will limit the settlement of a structure they support, bored piers are a good option. Bored pier installation involves minimal noise and vibration, unlike the driven pile techniques. To make this possible, bored pier contractors have specialised equipment and expertise in installing bored piers for a broad range of sites conditions including soil, rock, and other groundwater conditions.

Find bored pier services in Werribee through iseekplant today! We have a nationwide network of bored pier companies located in every major town and city across Australia. Search our listings of bored pier contractors in Werribee above or reach out to our projects team to get contractors to contact you with their rates. Submit your quote request by calling 1300 691 912 or email projects@iseekplant.com.au. You’ll have suppliers contacting you with their best rates within hours!

Pier Foundation vs Pile Foundation

Pier and pile foundations are two types of deep foundation that often get confused. See the list of their differences below:

Pier Foundation

  • Supports and transfers superimposed large loads to a firm strata through its cylindrical columns.
  • Is drilled using a drill machine.
  • Transfers loads only through the bearing.
  • Shallow depth.
  • Is used only when the top strata consist of decomposed rock and stiff clays.
  • Required only for small loading.

Pile Foundation

  • Uses vertical, timber, steel, or concrete materials in transferring loads.
  • Is driven through from overburden soils to load-bearing strata.
  • Can transfer loads either through friction or both friction and bearing piles.
  • Greater depth.
  • Can be used even when the strata are not firm, and the loading is uneven, as long as it is at reachable depth.
  • Required for greater loads (e.g. bridges or flyovers).

Install Bored Piers in Werribee easily with Contractors through iseekplant!

Hire bored pier contractors in Werribee using iseekplant. Our large directory of bored pier companies ensures you can find a suitable supplier in your local area. If you can’t find a contractor in Werribee, try searching in surrounding areas like Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Truganina, Mount Cottrell or Brooklyn. If you’re taking on a large project and need multiple services, you might also be interested in viewing Foundation piling, Piling and Sheet Piling. Use iseekplant to compare rates and find a reliable supplier you can trust for your next bored pier project in Werribee.

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