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Bored Pier Contractors on iseekplant

Bored piers are a critical foundation solution, providing deep structural support for constructions ranging from residential homes to large commercial buildings. By connecting with iseekplant, you tap into a network of experienced providers ready to deliver top-tier bored pier services tailored to your project's specific demands.

Bored Piers Pricing Guide

The cost of bored pier installation can significantly vary based on depth, diameter, soil condition and location. Here's an overview of the average pricing to help guide your budget planning:

Pier DiameterDepthAverage Unit Cost Range
300mmUp to 3m$250 - $400 per pier
450mmUp to 3m$400 - $600 per pier
600mmUp to 3m$600 - $800 per pier

Note: Prices are estimates and may differ based on project specifics and additional requirements such as reinforcement and access limitations.

An example scenario calculation would be 47 piers under a house, at the 450mm diameter and at a 2m depth, would be approximately $16,500 for the whole project. You could use this method for estimating your project by multiplying the number of piers, by the diameter of the piers and the depth. Additional charges would apply for deeper depths required.

Factors Affecting Bored Pier Costs

Several factors can influence the overall cost of bored pier installation. These variables collectively impact the budget and should be carefully considered during project planning:

  • Site Accessibility: Limited access sites may require specialised equipment or techniques, increasing costs.
  • Soil Type: Varied soil conditions can affect drilling difficulty and selection of suitable bored pier types.
  • Depth and Diameter: Larger and deeper piers require more materials and labour.
  • Reinforcement Needs: Steel reinforcement, if needed, will add to the project cost.
  • Permit and Inspection Fees: Local regulations may necessitate permits and inspections, adding to expenses.

Types of Bored Piers

Due to their versatility and robustness, bored piers are adaptable to a wide range of construction needs. These foundational elements offer significant advantages in various projects, providing stability and support in diverse soil conditions. Here are the three most popular types of bored piers:

  • Standard Bored Piers: Ideal for stable ground conditions, providing deep foundation support.
  • Rock-Socketed Bored Piers: Designed to penetrate through soil into bedrock for enhanced stability.
  • Cased Bored Piers: Utilise a temporary casing in loose soil conditions to maintain shaft integrity during excavation.

Applications of Bored Piers in Construction

Bored piers play a vital role in various construction projects. They contribute to the stability and structural integrity of structures such as buildings, bridges, highways, and industrial facilities. They provide essential support and reinforcement, ensuring the safety and longevity of the built environment. Here are the practical applications of bored piers in construction:

  • High-Rise Buildings: Offering deep foundation support to accommodate the weight and structural loads.
  • Bridges and Overpasses: Providing stability in areas with variable soil conditions.
  • Residential Complexes: Used in areas with challenging soil types to ensure the longevity of structures.

To better understand the specific applications of bored piers in construction, here's a table matching the ideal bored pier type with its respective construction application:

Construction ApplicationIdeal Bored Pier TypeWhy?
High-Rise BuildingsRock-Socketed Bored PiersProvide deep foundation support essential for high-rise buildings, accommodating structural loads securely.
Bridges and OverpassesCFA (Continuous Flight Auger) PiersOffer quick installation and adaptability in variable soil conditions, ideal for bridges and overpasses.
Residential ComplexesStandard Bored PiersSuited for residential projects, offering stability in challenging soil conditions to ensure structural longevity.

Other Equipment You Might Need to Install Bored Piers for Your Project

When installing bored piers for your construction project, having the right equipment is crucial to ensure the process is efficient, safe and meets the required standards. From excavation to concrete pouring, each step in installing bored piers demands specific tools and expertise. Below is a table highlighting the most relevant equipment and services available on the iseekplant platform, detailing their application in bored pier installation projects:

Excavator Hire (Various Tonnages)Utilised for site preparation, drilling, and excavation. The choice of tonnage is project-specific.
Crane Truck HireEssential for moving heavy materials like steel cages into position for the bored piers.
Concrete Pump HireFacilitates efficient and effective concrete pouring into the boreholes, crucial for forming the piers.
Drilling ContractorsSpecialists who oversee the drilling to the specified depths and diameters required for the piers.
Survey Equipment HireCritical for ensuring piers are accurately placed according to the project's architectural and engineering designs.
Compressor HireProvides the necessary power for various pneumatic tools used in the drilling and cleaning of boreholes.
Geotechnical DrillingOffers insights into the soil composition and properties, informing the design and implementation of bored piers.
Reinforcement and Formwork SupplySupplies the steel reinforcement and formwork necessary for constructing robust and durable bored piers.
Piling ContractorsProvide expertise in deeper and more complex foundation systems, including bored piers for various soil conditions.
Non Destructive DiggingAllows for the safe excavation around existing underground utilities, preventing damage during the installation process.
Core DrillingUtilised for precise, exploratory drilling to assess sub-surface conditions before the main piers are installed.
Pipe Camera InspectionEnables inspection of existing underground infrastructure to avoid conflicts and damages during drilling.
Diesel Generator HireEnsures a continuous power supply for equipment in areas where access to the main grid is limited or unavailable.

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Bored piers offer a robust foundation solution for various construction endeavours. With iseekplant, finding and hiring the ideal contractor for your bored pier project is seamless and efficient. Ready to start or have questions about your project? Reach out at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. To find the best contractor for your needs, click 'Get a Quote' today and take the first step towards a solid foundation for your project.

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