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Block Layers in Marsden Park

When using iseekplant, you’ll always find quality and experienced block layers in Marsden Park. As the leading online construction marketplace in Australia, we’ll connect you with high-quality block laying professionals in Marsden Park who are dedicated to getting the job done right! Our extensive database puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to hiring the right service provider. From affordable rates to updated testimonials, along with contact details and on-demand quotes, iseekplant makes sure you have everything you need to hire reliable and reputable block laying contractors. Ready to get started? Simply browse our listings for block layers in Marsden Park today!

What You Can Expect from Block Layers

Block laying is an aspect of the masonry trade that is closely related to brick laying. In Marsden Park, hundreds of residential and commercial projects rely on block layers to ensure their designs and builds are constructed to a high standard of safety and structural integrity. If you’ve ever seen a cinder block on a construction site, this is a part of block laying services provided specifically by block laying companies. Block laying projects also include:

  • Long-term care facilities
  • Social housing
  • Education institutional buildings
  • Civil and government infrastructure
  • Speed panel installations

Block layers create blocks made out of cement, sand-cement, concrete and stabilised earth blocks. The blocks are placed upon each other and firmly bonded together to create the initial structure of a building.

It is important that the measurements of these blocks are correct as they form the foundation and skeleton of the building itself. It is also essential that the mixing materials and moulds are properly proportioned so the block has the highest structural integrity.

The contractor will begin the basic laying procedure once the blocks are formed, which is the same for blocks and bricks.

This procedure includes:

  • Covering the top surface of the foundation with a bed of mortar. Hollow blocks will receive mortar only on the edges, while solid blocks will receive an application on the entire surface.
  • “Buttering” each new block on its ends before or after placement.
  • Using string to guide the proper placement of blocks in a straight line. Block layers position the blocks up to the string without touching it.
  • After every two to three blocks are laid, checking the level, removing and re-applying mortar to any blocks that are out of line.

Find the Best Block Layers and Premium Masonry Services in Marsden Park

Get connected with the top block layers in Marsden Park when you use iseekplant’s marketplace. Expand the reach and scope of your project as you tap into block laying companies in Riverstone, Windsor, Richmond, Penrith or Pitt Town. You can also expect the same level of quality from other contractors offering related services such as Retaining Walls, Block Retaining Walls and Brick Layer.

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