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5th November 2019

What to Look for When Inspecting a Used Wheel Loader?

Last Updated October 2020* Wheel loaders or sometimes referred to as loaders or front end loaders is used across the construction industry for debris, dirt, snow, asphalt, gravel and the like. Coming in at a range of sizes from large to small, wheel loaders are readily available due to its versatility and can be found for both second hand purchase or for hire. However, when purchasing or hiring a wheel loader it is worth while doing an inspection to minimise the potential of the machine breaking down. To ensure that you hire or buy the right used wheel loader for your project we have come up with a simple seven step checklist of what you should look for when inspecting a wheel loader for hire or purchase. Additionally to doing the inspection it would be worthwhile doing a test drive as you get a feel for the machine and the order it is in. We also recommend bringing your own qualified mechanic or an experienced operator, particularly when purchasing the machine. This is to avoid missing some key areas when inspecting which could potentially add unnecessary costs to your purchase. Additionally, try and do a test drive as you will be able to test the workings of the machine. Of course it always recommended you are eligible to drive and operate loaders. If you're not sure on licence requirements, have read of our front end loader licence guide. The 6 steps to inspecting a wheel loader?

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11th August 2020

$220m education investment to generate hundreds of construction jobs

The Queensland Government has announced a $220 million package to refurbish education facilities for state schools. The package will create hundreds of jobs for tradespeople and construction workers across the state. 

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21st October 2020

CAT 988K Wheel Loader Review & Full Specs

When it comes to heavy machinery, Caterpillar does not disappoint as a leading brand in the construction industry. You can expect most job sites to be covered with a sea of yellow and black machines. Caterpillar offers reliable, long-lasting and durable machinery including the popular CAT 988K wheel loader.

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