Vacuum Excavation Hire in Townsville

Vacuum Excavation Machinery Hire in Townsville

When you need to plant hire for a project, you want to be sure you’re getting quality machinery without spending great amounts of time or money locating it. iSeekplant is the first place to go if you need to hire vacuum excavation equipment in Townsville, giving you access to a huge number of suppliers in the region, from dust collector vacuums, sucker and gernie trailers to sucker trucks.

A quick and hassle-free way to meet your vacuum excavation needs

There are plenty of options available for anything from standard projects to unique applications. The filters on the left of the page will help you find exactly what you need: simply choose specific models, sizes and attachments as required, and select whether or not you need a skilled operator provided with the machinery. Once the results are narrowed down, choose any suppliers you wish to contact and we’ll provide you with the details needed to request a quote.

Searching our database is one of three ways in which you can connect with a plant hire provider through our website. We also offer have a handy tool through which you can post details about your project and the machinery that you need, which allows us to notify any available suppliers who can then contact you with an offer. All you have to do is input the project’s details here. Your third option is to simply get in touch with our team and discuss everything you require — we can then search for a supplier ourselves and come back to you with some options at no extra charge.

Changing the way businesses search for plant hire

Australia is full of both small and large plant hire suppliers offering high quality vacuum excavation machinery, competitive rates and client-focused service. We aim to benefit all parties by creating a simple, straightforward channel through which people can connect with suppliers and vice versa.

Our extensive hands-on experience in various industries and in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs is what drives our business forward. When you talk to one of our team members, you can be confident that the guidance you receive is coming from a dedicated professional and not just a paper pusher.

We’re here to help

If you would like to make an enquiry about the service we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1300 691 912 or by emailing us at No matter what you need, we’ll do whatever we can to help!

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