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Vacuum Excavation Hire

Vacuum excavators are also known as “sucker trucks” or suction excavators or vac trucks, and are used to delicately remove unwanted material away from an area. They’re commonly used for environmental maintenance, including clearing away any environmental damage and cleaning blocked gullies and gutters on the street.

These machines are also effective at removing material in hydro excavation projects, underground cable location and demolition projects.

We have many vacuum excavation and sucker truck hire suppliers in Brisbane and throughout the country for you to choose from, so browse the iSeekplant database to compare listings.

Vacuum Excavation Hire Suppliers

Vacuum excavators can produce huge air speeds of up to 100 metres per second (220mph). There’s no comparison between conventional excavators and vacuum excavators for output, as vacuum excavators achieve up to sixteen times the output, depending on the type of materials the machines are working with.

Melbourne vacuum excavation truck hire suppliers have a range of vacuum excavators available, including low-emission machines which are the best choice for underground mining operations and enclosed buildings.

Vacuum excavators can be used for water treatment, excavating contaminated ground, removing materials buried around services or utilities (water, electric, gas, railway lines, telecoms, fibre-optics) and more.

Vacuum excavators use twin or triple air vehicle fans to create air flow, and the vacuum then pulls material inside the intake hose, where it’s transported into the catchment chamber. Sometimes the end of the tube will be toothed which helps to cut into the earth when it’s being used for excavating. From there, the material is sent to the holding tank, while a micro-mesh filter system captures all dust particles.

A powerful water jet or compressed air lance can sometimes be used to help break the ground, allowing the air flow to grab the material and move it into the excavator.

Sucker Truck Hire Suppliers

Because there are so many possible applications for sucker trucks, there are plenty of sucker truck hire suppliers in Sydney and throughout the country. These trucks are used to safely excavate around cable networks and buried pipelines, for emergency repair for utility and pipeline networks, for rail track maintenance deep excavation, confined spaces, sewer clearance, clearing around tree roots, basement work and more.

When operators direct the sucker truck’s nozzle at the ground being excavated, the air flow will vacuum the material into the excavator, with dust particles being caught before the air passes out of the other end of the machine.

There are many benefits to using Perth sucker truck hire suppliers. Using a sucker truck means that the job will be done faster, reducing overall costs. It’s also safer, with workers handling less material, and cleaner, as liquid and other potentially hazardous waste is moved into sealed containers within the truck.

If you’re looking for sucker truck hire suppliers in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, browse the extensive listings on our database today or get in touch with the iSeekplant Projects Team and they’ll use their industry experience to find the best vacuum excavator or sucker truck for your next project.

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