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What is a Trenching?

There are various sizes of trenchers, enabling them to accommodate many different project requirements, from small, portable trenches that are often used in landscaping, to the chain belt or heavy wheel which is used to excavate deep, wide trenches.

We have plenty of trenching hire suppliers in Brisbane and around Australia, so you can be sure that no matter how big or small your next job, you’ll find the best equipment to get it done.

What is a trencher?

Trenchers are similar to excavators, as both break soil and rock, removing it from the ground. Unlike excavators, however, trenchers remove the soil in a continuous movement. These machines are often used to dig trenches for pipes, and come in two types: heavy wheel trenches (also known as rock-wheel trenches) and chain belt trenches (commonly known as ladder trenchers).

Melbourne trenching hire suppliers have both types of trenchers available, and the type you choose will depend on your project specifications. Wheel trenchers have a wheel and a number of buckets sitting on a step of crawler tracks.

As the wheel approaches the ground, it rotates, and the bucket digs the dirt from the trench. These buckets move like a Ferris wheel, and as each bucket reaches the high-point, the dirt is dumped out into a conveyor belt.

Heavy chain belt trenchers are a bit different and are able to dig deeper trenches. These can cost a little more to hire since they have more moving parts and are more costly to buy. Chain belt trenches work in a similar way to rock-wheels, however the buckets are attached to a chain (the “ladder”), which descends, collecting dirt into buckets.

These look a bit like a giant chainsaw and are the most powerful option, suitable for working with hard rock and used for jobs like digging pipelines and laying telecommunications.

As you browse trenching hire suppliers in Perth or wherever you’re based, keep in mind that since these trenchers are used for many different jobs, the right machine will depend on the conditions of the ground you’ll be working with and the size of your project.

For small sized jobs, ride-on trenchers can be used for road maintenance and for cutting pavements. These small trenches minimally disturb the surroundings and can be controlled remotely or by radio, while the walk behind or portable trencher is even lighter and easier to manoeuvre and is often used for landscaping jobs like installing irrigation lines and edging.

Why Hire a Trencher?

Trenchers are ideal for installing lines under the ground, but also have a variety of other applications. Sydney trenching hire suppliers provide a range of heavy wheel trenches, chain trenchers, micro-trenchers and portable trenchers for you to choose from.

It can sometimes be difficult to decide which type of trencher is the best fit for your project as there are a number of factors to consider. If you need help narrowing down your options, the iSeekplant database has a wide range of trenching hire suppliers in Adelaide and throughout the country and we’re available to provide expert advice.

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