Telehandler Hire in Toowoomba

Telehandler Hire in Toowoomba

Why you should use iseekplant?

One of the reasons we built and launched iseekplant is to simplify the plant and services hire across Australia by listing tens of thousands suppliers. We understand that when you need a telehandler, you need a telehandler. Your need is urgent and important to us.

Same goes when you need a telehandler or tyre-handler to lift and shift materials or supply around your site in Toowoomba. You simply can't wait when you need it. Now, you don't have to. Use iseekplant to find a supplier in Toowoomba with a telehandler in their yard and get them onto your site in a matter of hours. All for free, very quickly and easily. Never before has it been this simple to mobilise plant or services for an urgent request from the closest proximity to your project, all organised in a few clicks.

We categorise our telehandlers by tonnage of lifting capacity from the boom. Telehandlers are highly utilised in the communications space around telephone poles and wires. Other lift and shift categories include access equipment, scissor lifts, EWPs and forklifts with suppliers across Toowoomba.

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If you can't find a telehandler supplier to meet your requirements local in Toowoomba, we can find it for you and give you quotes to compare. If you would like to take all the work and hassle out of finding a lift and shift partner, just give the iseekplant team a call on 1300 691 912 or email

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