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Bobcat & Skid Steer Loader Hire in Perth, WA 6000

Are Skid-Steer Loaders Different to Bobcats?

Well yes, and no. Plent of people in the plant and equipment space in Perth, which is the birth place of the industry, argue this point all the time. Bobcat - is the name of a manufacturer of skid-steer loaders, that would likely have the largest market share in this class of machines in Australia. But a skid-steer loader is, in fact, the actual name of the machine and Bobcat is a brand of skid-steer loader. This subject is a real hot button issue for a lot of people.

There are two types of skid-steer loaders, principally speaking - the first is a posi-track, a small loader mounted on a set of small tracks. These machines are agile, but best applied on loose aggregates or wet materials. Alternatively, you might be needing a wheeled skid-steer loader for hire in Perth, which means you have a job where the machine needs to get into tighter space, or work on firmer ground.

Most of the manufacturers of skid-steer loaders, such as Caterpillar and Case, dislike the fact that people both from the industry call these machines Bobcats. But at iSeekplant - its important that we call our machine categories something that is commonly searched for on the net, and commonly understood  amongst people who have an earthworks requirement in Western Australia.

Don't know whether you need a bobcat or a skid-steer?

Still confused? Don't worry - we have plant and equipment experts who you can chat to, who can help determine the best machine for your earthworks 'problem' - we're solutions experts with all the answers in plant and equipment. Call us today on 1300 691 912 or email and we'll sort you out.

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