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What is a Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary frame that is commonly used on building and construction sites. The elevated work platform is built and used to support people working at various heights and is strong enough to hold both people and material. 

Although all are safe structures, there are three main types of scaffolding – supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds and miscellaneous scaffolds. 

Supported scaffolds feature platforms that are held by load-bearing poles and outriggers. Suspending scaffolding is a hanging structure and other types of scaffolds include hoists and manlifts.

Scaffolding structures are most commonly used to help people work with ease on heights or areas that may be complicated to get reach or hold a strong footing on. Safety in scaffolding hire is crucial and if the incorrect scaffolding is hired instead of one that matches the safety requirements of the project at hand, serious and life-threatening injuries can occur.

Although serving different purposes, most scaffold towers and scaffolding equipment for hire consist of the same materials. These include:

Many scaffolding structures can also come with additional features such as transorms, which are ideal for holding extra weight. They can also be hired to feature ladders or purpose-built stairs, which make moving around on the structure easier.

Scaffolding rental available Australia-wide 

Australian businesses who require scaffolding products or edge protection equipment can compare contractors and secure a great price when they search through iSeekplant. 

We are a leading search facility and comparison site for the industrial services, including specialist cleaning and waste disposal services. 

iSeekplant only partner with the most reputable contractors in any area and ensure that all equipment and products that are available to hire are premium quality, extremely safe, and provided by an expert with an excellent reputation for their equipment, prices, and speed of delivery. 

Save yourself time, money and stress when it comes to scaffolding hire, edge protection and portable scaffolding - contact iSeekplant on 1300 691 912 and we'll find the most competitive rates for your project specifications.

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The different types of scaffoldings

What is an Aluminium Scaffolding?

Aluminium Scaffolding Hire

iSeekplant lists reputable scaffolding hire suppliers from around who offer the highest quality aluminium scaffolding towers and frames for hire. The range of aluminium scaffolding available within all areas listed come complete with welded frames, and gauge components which ensure all of our structures are of premium quality and meet the utmost safety standards.

The ease of erection provided by our available aluminium scaffolding ensures easy mobility, fast construction and very little difficulty when constructing or adjusting the aluminium scaffolding frames.

What is a Steel Scaffolding?

Steel Scaffolding Hire

Steel scaffolding is renowned for its high durability and lengthy duration. Strong, robust and solid, steel scaffolding is perfect for large construction sites that may take some time to complete.

The contractors on iSeekplant offer a range of durable steel scaffolding, team with a fast delivery and low hire costs. 

The consciously vetted contractors all offer the safest and most reputable steel scaffolding products for hire.

What is an Edge Protection Scaffolding?

Edge Protection for Hire

Edge protection is a vital safety mechanism on any building, construction, or renovation site. Most edge protection features a toe board, rail and main guardrail. Edge protection limits the possibility of trips or falls and also protects any equipment from tumbling from heights.

The partnered contractors who seek quality projects to offer their equipment through iSeekplant feature a toe board, rail and main guardrail. 

What is a Scaff Towers Scaffolding?

Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold towers are a great scaffolding choice for those who will not need to adjust their scaffolding heights or will only need to do so intermittently throughout the project. 

Relatively simple to assemble and disassemble, scaffolding towers offer great flexibility for those working on smaller jobs, or for those who will not need to move a scaffolding structure around a lot. 

iSeekplant offer a range of scaffolding tower options that can be hired to match any job. With large options, and smaller structures available, the vast range of contractors on the iSeekplant website ensures that any project that requires the rental of a high quality, yet cost-effective, scaffold tower is a simple process.

What are Common Scaffolding Hire Rates?

For scaffolding hire rates, get in touch with iSeekplant's Projects team or phone us on 1300 691 912 and we will take the stress out of finding scaffolding or edgeware protection hire products to suit your needs.

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