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Rock Pitching in Thornleigh

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What to Look For in Rock Pitching Services in Thornleigh

Rock Pitching involves using a chisel or hammer to break away stones. This will leave a rough, rocky surface, which is known as rock pitch. The process of rocking pitching is crucial for many construction projects because some slopes need to be armoured with stone pitching. This provides a strong covering that can be freely drained and can withstand water velocities.

Most slopes that are up to 35° need rock pitching. That’s why many companies look for rock pitching supplies in Thornleigh so that they can ensure that their structures won’t have seepage problems. This is especially vital for flood-prone areas or where it’s difficult to grow vegetation.

To understand the importance of rock pitching, you need to know how it works and how it is built:

  • Before building the rock pitching, you need a sound slope that’s free of loose debris and topsoil. It must be trimmed to an even surface.
  • After which, contractors will bed the stones down well into the slope’s surface. Ensure that there’s an even upper surface to the rock pitching.
  • Construct the rock pitching by fitting the stones together firmly. The stones should be perpendicular to the slope.
  • For drains and gullies, experts leave a rough surface to manage water flow.
  • If you need to strengthen your rock pitching, you can plant grasses or hardwood cuttings of shrubs through it.

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If you need to find the best rock pitching services in Australia, check us out iseekplant. We connect those searching for rock pitching with those companies that are experts in the field. To start your search, you can look in Thornleigh or Hornsby, Castle Hill, North Ryde, Baulkham Hills or Sydney North. You might also be interested in some related services like, Landscaping Supplies, Landscapers and Hardscaping.

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