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What is Line Marking?

What is Line Marking?

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Road Line Marking in Adelaide

One of the important factors of road safety in Australia is road line marking. By making use of road line marking services in Adelaide, pedestrians and motorists know where to turn, where to overtake or where to cross. Road line markings help drivers comply with road safety rules and travel from point A to B without hassle. That’s why if you are looking to paint or repaint road line markings for better visibility, get help from iseekplant. We can help you find road line marking companies in Adelaide that offer services that are suitable for your budget and time frame.

The Relevance of Road Line Marking in Adelaide

All of us rely on road line marking paint to help guide us in the right direction. With road line marking services, you can ensure that they’ll take care of everything, from road painting application to ingredient preparation. A road line marking contractor will ensure that the line markings will be visible and in good condition for road safety.

Our reliance on road line markings is crucial because it’s hard to navigate road systems or be aware of upcoming hazards without them. Other pieces of information that inform our driving are the following:

  • Speed limits
  • Bus and cycle lanes
  • Lines separating lanes of traffic
  • Give way lines
  • Pedestrian crossings

All of these road line markings are important because ignoring them could lead to dangerous consequences. Moreover, these markings can also be applied using various materials. The road line marking paints used can depend on the surface and mark being created. These materials have different properties like longevity, performance, anti-skid and reflectivity.

The materials commonly used in road line markings are:

  • Thermoplastic - This road line marking paint is a favourite because it’s hard-wearing and reflective - that’s why it’s ideal for highways and high-traffic roads. Contractors will apply the material to the road surface by spraying after heating to 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Water-based paint - For road line marking that’s low-profile and anti-slip, this is the recommended paint. It’s usually used for airfield runways, race tracks, car parks, shipping ports and more. Compared to other materials, this is more environmentally friendly.
  • MMA - MMA or Methyl Methacrylate has the benefits of water-based paint and thermoplastic. It’s a solvent-free plastic that is extremely durable. It also holds colour well, making it perfect for pedestrian crossings, junctions and other high traffic areas.

Find the Best Road Line Marking Companies in Adelaide Today

If you are looking for road line marking services near your location, try checking our suitable contractors in Adelaide Hills, Jupiter Creek, Gawler, Aldinga Beach or Murray Bridge. You might also be interested in some other related services, like Line Marking and Car Park Line Marking. Use iseekplant today to find the right road line marking company for your next project.

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