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Retaining Walls in Terrey Hills

Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetic additions to your residential or commercial property. Its functional feature is its ability to prevent soil erosion and even manage your rainwater flow. For aesthetic purposes, retaining walls allow you to create a beautiful landscaping feature.

Install a retaining wall by hiring a retaining wall contractor in Terrey Hills through iseekplant. We have a nationwide network of retaining wall contractors across Australia that you can find using our get a quote tool. Find someone to build your retaining wall today by checking out our listing of retaining wall companies in Terrey Hills above.

Retaining Wall Costs

Below are the average retaining wall costs on a per square meter and material basis:

  • Treated Pine = $250 to $350 per square meter
  • Treated Timber Sleepers/Hardwood = $300 to $450 per square meter
  • Sandstone Blocks = $300 to $550 per square meter
  • Reinforced Concrete Blocks = $400 to $680 per square meter
  • Concrete Besser Blocks = $550 to $700 per square meter

Here are the factors that affect retaining wall costs:

  • The height of the wall
  • The size as well as the scale
  • The type of materials that will be used
  • The design of the wall, including excavation and drainage specifications
  • Labour fees when you opt to hire professionals and contractors

Remember that when choosing a retaining wall, you also have to consider the material lifespan and structural integrity. Also, consider the place where you will be installing the wall. For instance, if it will be installed in a consistently damp place, it's best not to use wood materials.

Find the right type of retaining walls in Terrey Hills for your landscaping project at iseekplant!

iseekplant has the largest online marketplace of retaining wall companies across the country. Try searching for a retaining wall contractor in Terrey Hills or if you can't find a suitable supplier in your location, try viewing companies in Thornleigh, Chatswood, Lane Cove, Mosman or Sydney North. We also provide several related services you might be interested in, such as Rock Retaining Walls, Gabion Retaining Walls and Block Retaining Walls.

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