1. Introduction

    The Business has adopted this Policy in accordance with the APPs. This Policy outlines how the Business deals with Personal Information, which it collects in conjunction with the Services. 

    The Business may collect information from Individuals who do not use the Services, as well as Customers.

  2. Member Services

    The Business connects Customers to Members through the Services. Members may offer Customers access to the Services through their own websites, other Members’ websites, and through mobile sites or apps. Both the business and its Members may collect Personal Information from Customers.

  3. Direct collection

    The Business collects Personal Information directly when an Individual or organisation:

      • registers or subscribes for a service, list, account, membership, connection or other process whereby that individual enters his or her details to apply for, receive or access something, including a transaction;
      • registers to offer plant for hire, or other suppliers through the Services;
      • seeks plant for hire, or other suppliers on the Services;
      • contacts us via any medium, including telephone, fax, forms or email;
      • consents to the recording of certain phone calls;
      • uses any communication method available to contact plant hire companies, or other suppliers registered on the Services; or
      • uses the Services.
  4. Passive receipt and collection

    The Business passively receives Personal Information when Customers, Individuals or organisations include any Personal Information in any content they:

      • disclose, create or store through or on our Services, including in messages and forums; or
      • verbally disclose in recorded phone conversations.

    Individuals are responsible for the information that they disclose in these circumstances. Individuals should ensure they are comfortable disclosing such information through the Service.

  5. Automated collection

    The Business and some of the third party services providers the Business uses automatically collect Personal Information in the following ways:

      • when Individuals visit our website or use the Services, our server and analytics service may log details about their visit such as their IP address, the time and duration of visit, the link from which they visited, what they did when they visited and information about their browser and operating system;
      • when Individuals have location services switched on, their location is captured in conjunction with content; and
      • the Business will likely place a cookie on individuals’ devices when they visit our website.
  6. Collection from third parties

    The Business collects Personal Information about individuals from third parties when:

      • Customers, plant hire businesses, or other suppliers provide us with access to their documents or databases containing Personal Information;
      • a third party refers us business;
      • Customers, plant hire businesses, or other suppliers communicate via a listing on a third-party site that has been created by iSeekplant, such as an online directory or sites, listings or search results provided by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.
      • the Business conducts research on potential clients, and the individuals associated with those potential clients.
  7. Member collection

    The Business may collect Personal Information about individuals from third parties when Members provide services through a platform we host, including when:

      • individuals register for or access the Services through the Member’s portal;
      • Members collect information directly from Individuals using the Service;
      • Members provide the Business with access to their documents or databases containing Personal Information; and
      • Members enter or process information, notes, files, records or reports about their staff, Customers, other Individuals, or their business through the Services.
  8. Information that the Business collects and holds

    Through the processes above, the Business collects the following categories of Personal Information about individuals:

      • (Content) whatever Personal Information is included in content individuals enter using our Services;
      • (Identity Information) name, signature, location, website address, bank account details, employment details and third-party usernames;
      • (Voice) recordings of Individuals voices on calls made through the contact numbers we provide, when Customers agree to go ahead with the recording;
      • (Call Information) when Customers agree to the recording of phone conversations: caller number, recipient of call, call time and date, duration of call, whether the call was answered, and a recording of the call;
      • (Contact Information) email address, social media profiles, telephone & fax number, third-party usernames, residential, business and postal addresses;
      • (Behaviour Information) habits, movements, trends, decisions, webpage views, online activity, associations, memberships, purchases;
      • (Internet Data) Internet Protocol or "IP address", referring web site addresses, browser type, operating system, domain name, access times and other data typically collected by analytics services like Google Analytics and other specialist data analysis services;
      • (Business Information) business or project, if it is run in Individuals’ personal capacity, including information on professional affiliations or services offered; and
      • (Communication Information) when an individual uses the Services to communicate that information may be monitored or recorded.
  9. Sensitive Information

    The APPs categorise certain types of Personal Information as “sensitive information”. The Business does not actively collect sensitive information, but information that Individuals post or store using our Services may fall into this category. 

    If Individuals submit, post or store any sensitive information using our Services, the Business takes this as consent to our management of it in accordance with this privacy policy.

  10. How the Business holds Personal Information

    The Business holds and stores Personal Information using:

      • (Storage Services) third party data storage services, which are businesses that professionally manage information technology infrastructure;
      • (Software Services) third party application providers, where the Business uses an application for the purposes of our business and store data in association with that application on infrastructure provided by those third party application providers;
      • (Business Devices) devices operated by employees of our business; and
      • (Paper Files) printed paper and [third party] archival storage services.
  11. How the Business secures Personal Information

    The Business will take reasonable precautions to protect Personal Information from unauthorised access. This includes appropriately securing our physical facilities and electronic networks. 

    The Business secures Personal Information that the Business collects with credentials, keys, passwords, pins, encryption, session expiry, firewalls, SSL network encryption, and through the use of reputable vendors. 

    The Business deletes Personal Information when required to by law. 

    For more information on security, please contact us using the contact details below.

  12. Purposes of collection, holding, use and disclosure

    The Business collects, holds, uses and discloses Personal Information for the purpose of providing the Service, improving it and developing additional functionalities for our Customers. 

    The Business’ handling of Personal Information includes holding, using and sometimes sharing the Personal Information so that the Business can:

      • (Service) provide the Services, including new Services as they are released; 
      • (Functionality) provide functionality within the Services;
      • (Communicate) communicate with individuals for the purpose of providing the Services, including notifications, support; communications about our goods and services; marketing and promotions; co-ordinating enquiries and competitions, surveys and questionnaires;
      • (Transact) transact with individuals for the purpose of providing the Services;
      • (Business Development and UX) assess the progress and success of our Services, develop business opportunities, and enhance the experience of our Services by the Customers;
      • (Secure access) providing secured access to the Customers using an account and allowing users to retrieve their password if they forget it.

    For more information on when the Business shares Personal Information, see below.

  13. Purposes for Information collected passively or through third parties

    Some collection, holding, use and disclosure of information happens simply by virtue of Customers and Members using the Services. 

  14. Personal Information Disclosure

    The Business discloses Personal Information in the following ways:

      • (Publishing) displaying information about individuals on pages, profiles, walls, and accounts;
      • (Shop) publishing details about Customers and Members in their pages on our website;
      • (Forums, Comments and Communication) showing names, usernames and contact details on forums, comments, messages, recordings and correspondence;
      • (Sales and Inquiries) facilitating the sharing of information about sales, inquiries, use of the Services and payments;
      • (Members) facilitating contact between Customers and Members in order to provide the Service; and
      • (Affiliates) to provide information to assist plant hire companies, or other suppliers to do business with Customers.
      • (Marketing) to provide information so that our related entities and other organisations that we have affiliations with, can provide offers and services that may be of interest to you.
  15. The Business shares Personal Information with Members

    We may make the following information, which may include Personal Information, available to Members:

      • when we provide benchmarking and reporting services, we share with our Members data and analysis about the Service and Customers;
      • contact information for individuals and businesses using the Services;
      • content information individuals or businesses enter when using the Services; and
      • communication information including records of communications and phone conversations made using the Services.
  16. Service providers may access Personal Information

    When the Business uses the services of companies that the Business works with to provide our Services, this may involve providing some degree of access to Personal Information. Such third party services may include:

      • (Hosting) Cloud, web and email hosting service providers;
      • (SaaS) providers of software as a service;
      • (Support) providers of IT support services, web and software development;
      • (Data analytics) Google Analytics (see and other specialist data analysis companies;
      • (Online payment) providers of online payment and merchant systems; and
      • (Apple and Android device functionality providers) Location Services, Dictation, Maps, Notifications (see and Google privacy policy).

    The Business will only share Personal Information with these third parties to the extent reasonably necessary to perform their functions. 

    The collection and use of Personal Information by such third parties may be subject to separate privacy and security policies. For more information on the third party service providers the Business uses, and their privacy policies, please contact us using the details listed in the section below. 

    For information on disclosures to overseas recipients, see below.

  17. Contacting us to modify information

    Customers may edit content and account details within the Services. 

    However, Individuals can also contact us using the details below to arrange access or correction to and, where appropriate, deletion of their Personal Information. 

    Privacy Officer 

    The Business reserves the right to refuse access or correction where there are reasonable grounds for doing so, for example if providing access would be unlawful or would compromise the privacy of another person.

  18. Complaints process

    If Individuals have a complaint relating to an alleged breach of the APPs, they can contact the Business using the details listed in the previous section of this Privacy Policy. 

    When Individuals notify us of a complaint about our handling of their Personal Information, the Business will deal with the complaint by responding to it in writing within a reasonable period (usually 10 business days from the day the Business receives their email). 

    The Business will endeavour to work with Individuals to resolve complaints entirely within 20 business days, although that period may be longer if it is reasonable to take longer given the nature of the complaint. 

    If Individuals are unsatisfied with our response, they may refer the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (

  19. Disclosure to overseas recipients

    Our handling of Personal Information, including the use of third party service providers may result in the processing of Personal Information overseas. Individuals may not have the same rights in relation to the handling of their Personal Information by overseas recipients as they would under Australian privacy law. 

    By providing us with Personal Information, Individuals consent to the transfer of their Personal Information to recipients outside Australia as contemplated by this privacy policy. 

    If Individuals consent to such transfer, the Business will not be accountable for overseas recipients’ handling of their Personal Information.

  20. Amendment

    The Business may amend the Privacy Policy at their sole discretion. Individuals that continue to use the Services after receiving notice from us of such an amendment to the Privacy Policy, agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy as amended.

  21. Definitions

    • PP, APPs
    • means the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
    • Business
    • means Iseekplant Pty Ltd (ACN: 150 273 251) contactable on
    • Customer, Customers
    • means end users of the Services, who may use the Services to search for, enquire about, or hire plant equipment.
    • Member, Members
    • means end users who are not Customers, including third party businesses with whom the Business has relationship with.
    • Personal Information
    • means information about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from that information. This includes information like names, telephone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses.
    • Policy, Policies
    • means this document, drafted in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
    • Service, Services means the plant and supplier search, hire and inquiry services available at and other sites on the internet, and via phone numbers, contact details or forms provided on the site and other sites on the internet.(Cth) .