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What is a Generator Hire?

Generator Hire Suppliers

Power generation is often a huge part of an earthmoving or construction project, particularly if there is limited access to the mains. At iSeekplant, you’ll find a variety of different generator hire suppliers in Perth and throughout the country, available to suit your needs in regards to weather protection, power output and portability. Most generators available on the market are powered by diesel, since this is the most effective and economical option if you’re away from mains access. It’s also a good idea to have a generator on site as they make sense for the purpose of backup power, ensuring that you can meet project deadlines.

How Does a Generator Work?

A generator has an engine which is proportional to the output of electricity it can supply. They can operate on propane, gas or diesel, and smaller engines will generally operate using gasoline, while larger generators will typically use diesel. Generator hire suppliers in Sydney will generally supply engines that are either overhead valve engines or non-overhead valve engines. Those with overhead valves will have the exhaust and intake valves in the head of the cylinder of the engine instead of mounted on the engine block. This makes them more durable, gives them a more compact design, and lower emission levels and noise while operating.

In its simplest form, generators move a magnet close to a wire, creating a steady flow of electrons. A tight copper coil is usually wrapped around the iron core in the generator, which rotates extremely quickly inside a powerful magnet. Diesel engines burn fuel which provides the motion for the generator, using electromagnets to convert the motion into electricity. Once the engine has started and the crankshaft is turned, the central axle inside the generator spins inside the chamber which contains the electromagnets, producing an electric current.

Our generator hire suppliers in Brisbane and throughout Australia have generators available from single phase to three phase. Singles can range from 7 to 30KVA which is ideal for equipment which doesn’t use much energy and lighting, while triple phase generators are a more economical choice for heavy duty use, and since each conductor will reach its peak sequentially, this allows the generator to self-start and achieve much higher transmission rates.

If your next project will be in a remote location, or you simply can’t afford to have any downtime, browse the Newcastle generator hire suppliers in our database today.

Why Hire a Generator Through iSeekplant?

The iSeekplant team has extensive industry experience, and can help you find the best equipment for your project- regardless of the equipment and terrain. If you’re looking for Melbourne generator hire suppliers for your next project, use our handy search function which allows you to easily compare hire listings near your project.

If you need advice about which type of generator is the best type for your project, send an email to our Projects Team with your project specifications or call 1300 691 912 for expert advice about the most reliable and best value generator rental solutions.

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