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Poly Welding in Callide

From installing large pipelines for civil projects to repairing, upgrading and designing HDPE pipes for construction sites, poly welding in Callide is in high demand. iseekplant is the best place to find quality poly welding services. Our online portal gives you instant access to the best poly welding companies in Callide who have a high degree of professionalism and reliability.

You can use iseekplant to browse company testimonials, get quotes, and make a smart hiring decision for your poly welding needs. Poly welders listed on iseekplant are qualified and licensed to suit your project no matter the size or scope in Callide.

What You Can Expect from Poly Welders in Callide

Poly welding is a service conducted by reputable poly welding companies as a specific skilled trade. You may find that you need this service if your construction or civil project requires you to work with palsy or poly pipes. There are various materials, lengths and widths available, so it is the responsibility of a poly welder to seamlessly and durably connect these pipelines together.

Poly welders “fuse” softened plastic surfaces together with the use of heat (also known as thermoplastics). Poly welders essentially provide thermoplastic welding by preparing the plastic surface, applying the heat, pressure and cooling.

Poly welding is often used for manufacturing, oil and gas, as well as environmental applications. Some examples include joining the lining material for landfill waste sites, fabrication of land drainage systems, sump tanks and more.

Poly welding companies will typically employ one of three methods. This is based on the type of project, intended application of the pipes, and materials being used:

  • Butt-fusion welding — Poly welders use this method for HDPE pipes. It relies on a “butt” machine to hold, scrape and heat two ends of pipes. Besides knowing how to operate the machinery, poly welders also need to know how to spot inconsistencies in the weld, which could otherwise be detrimental to the long-term hold if not corrected.
  • Electro-fusion welding — This welding uses an electro-fusion machine that features built-in heater coils, and uses voltages to melt the inside and outside of the pipe. The result is a firm and durable hold that is entirely uniform.
  • Extrusion welding — Unlike the prior two methods, extrusion welding relies on a hand-held tool known as the extrusion gun. Poly welders may choose this method if your project involves thick-section fabrications, such as tanks and pipes. In this use case, the extrusion welding method can produce large volume and uniform seams in a single pass.

Find the Best Poly Welding and HDPE Welding in Callide

Simplify your search for poly welders with iseekplant. Tap into our network and gain instant access to the best poly welding services in Callide. To expand the scope of your project, you can also browse poly welding companies in Biloela, Moura, Mount Morgan, Calliope or Gladstone. Enhance your project by hiring professionals who are also well-versed in Integrity Testing, Welding and Fabrication and Welding Equipment Hire.

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