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What is a Mobile Diesel Mechanic?

Unsurprisingly, a mobile diesel mechanic is simply a diesel mechanic that’s based out on the road, rather than in a garage or in a fixed location.

Everything you’d expect from a great heavy equipment mechanic from a garage to do is what you can expect from a mobile plant mechanic, except that they come to where you are at a time that suits you!

With hard conditions on the roads in Australia, especially in more rural areas – from corrugations and potholes to narrow tracks and flooding – having a mobile diesel mechanic nearby to call can be a lifesaver.

So many things can go wrong out on the road, from an overheating engine to damaged tyres. A mobile diesel mechanic can make the difference between delivering your goods on time or arriving too late and can enable truckers and those in need of heavy equipment maintenance and machine repairs to keep going.

Considering that any downtime for trucks and equipment is costly, the mobile diesel mechanic is a vital option for any business that has heavy equipment, plant and site vehicles requiring maintenance and repairs for faster turnaround service times.

What does a mobile diesel mechanic do?

The short answer is: everything you’d expect a plant mechanic in a workshop to do.

They can perform all the standard repairs you’d expect, from changing a tyre or two to rebuilding an engine, and offer maintenance to keep your truck or your machinery in peak condition.

There are so many different types of trucks on the road, and one of the big benefits of using a mobile diesel mechanic is that they tend to have a wider range of knowledge than a mechanic in a garage. They have to deal with everything from plant and heavy machinery to a variety of different vehicles with different load capacities, so they tend to be creative problem solvers who can turn their hand to just about anything.

From hydraulics to tyres and small 6-wheelers right up to huge 22-wheeler trucks, an experienced mobile diesel mechanic really does have the knowledge to get you quickly back on the road or back on site.

When it comes to full services, machine repairs and heavy equipment maintenance, a professional mobile plant mechanic can provide you with a proper schedule to suit you and your vehicle or equipment, accompanied by all the knowledge you need about regulations and legislation to keep your peace of mind. With a full schedule in place and regular maintenance, you know your equipment is more reliable, safe and compliant.

Mobile diesel mechanic services

Mobile Plant Mechanic Services

No business can afford to be without their vital plant and machinery, especially not for long periods. Jobs can grind to a halt, putting deadlines in jeopardy, and every minute you’re not working due to faulty machinery you’re losing money which can impact your profit margins.

An experienced mobile plant mechanic can make all the difference to your equipment and get you back up and running quickly. With a machinery service and maintenance plan in place, a good mobile diesel mechanic can ensure that you don’t have as many breakdowns and problems to give you a smoother, problem-free operation.

When there is a problem, your mobile plant mechanic can find the fault, diagnose what machine repairs are necessary, order parts if needed and finish any repairs in a timely manner to get you up and running again.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Heavy equipment can be anything from earth moving equipment such as bulldozers and graders, to forklifts and mobile cranes. A mobile diesel mechanic needs to have a wide range of knowledge and skills to be able to maintain these important pieces of equipment in your fleet.

A good heavy equipment maintenance schedule takes into account any legislation and regulations and provides regular inspection and servicing to keep equipment in excellent working order, safe to use and compliant with any regulations.

Maintenance is about prevention; taking care of equipment on a regular basis to stop problems before they start and keeping equipment in use for longer. Taking a machine out of service for serious repairs can cost companies far more than just the cost of parts and repairs, impacting on timescales, progress on jobs and the bottom line.

Heavy Equipment Repairs

With any piece of complex machinery, so much can go wrong, but with excellent machinery repairs performed by an experienced mobile plant mechanic a heavy equipment repair doesn’t have to halt your project.

Mobile plant mechanics can provide a variety of heavy equipment repairs, including hydraulics hoses and cylinder repairs, mechanical repairs, welding (including TIG, stick and spray welding), fabrication of new parts and components, full mechanical rebuilds, modifications, component repairs and even key cutting.

A great mobile diesel mechanic will have all the equipment they need to hand in their van to perform a range of machine repairs on the spot, and the knowledge to source tools and parts quickly when you need them.

With mobile mechanics available to come to you at a time that suits, you have no need to stop work to load your equipment onto a trailer and take it to a workshop, saving you time and money.

Find a mobile diesel mechanic near me

Looking for an amazing mobile diesel or plant mechanic near you? iSeekplant has a full database of mobile mechanics on our website and we can easily service your location and provide the perfect person for the job.

Take a look at our listings and you’ll find a range of mobile diesel mechanics and companies that offer every service under the sun, from full rebuilds and repairs to maintenance schedules that keep your equipment regulation-compliant, safe and running smoothly, preventing any problems before they arise.

Get in touch with iSeekplant's knowledgeable and professional Projects team or give us a call on 1300 691 912. Our experienced staff will look at your heavy equipment repair and maintenance needs and compare local mobile diesel or plant mechanics for you until we find the best choices and rates based on your specifications.

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