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What is a Mine Spec and Site Vehicle?

Personnel transport is necessary for many projects across the industry, and many large worksites require onsite vehicles to be used. This is something that is essential for mining operations, and it’s crucial that contractors have appropriate and adequate transportation vehicles available.

The iSeekplant database can provide solutions for any of your personnel transport, including buses, troop carriers, wagons, utes and more, wherever your next project is located. We have a large range of mine spec site vehicles suppliers in Darwin and elsewhere in the country, and can help you find the best vehicles for your fleet.

What are Mine Spec Site Vehicles?

Depending on the setup and terrain of your project site, you may need either an economical 2WD or 4WD capacities. For mining operations, any vehicles that are driven on site need to meet the site’s stringent ‘mine spec’ requirements. This can include modifications to the tyres, the chassis of the ute, internal communications safety features (2-way radio), flashing lights, and roll-over protections.

Since there are vastly different operational safety and health concerns and differing operating conditions found in the mining industry in Australia, each mine has a particular set of specifications and rules, governing every single vehicle operating onsite.

These mine spec vehicles must comply with the specifications which have been created and tailored for the requirements of each mine. These specifications cover every aspect of the vehicle’s performance, function and safety, and for inexperienced companies, compliance can be complex due to the length of the safety list.

Brisbane mine spec site vehicles suppliers can guide you through this process, and the team at iSeekplant can also help you find vehicles that comply with all regulations at the mine site.

Some of the items you may need to qualify for mine compliance include a whip aerial flag (used to notify oncoming traffic when driving over a blind hill), two spare tyres, wheel nut indicators (allowing contractors to see if wheel nuts are becoming loose), safety triangles (used to control traffic if a vehicle stops or slows down), a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, a bull bar (mounted on the front of vehicles to protect workers in case of an accident), a battery isolator, a hand brake alarm, roll over protection, falling object protection, 3 Point Access, and much more.

As you can see, there may be many stringent requirements for your mine spec vehicle. That’s why it’s a good idea to use mine spec site vehicles suppliers in Sydney, to ensure that your vehicles are completely compliant with regulations.

Why use iSeekplant for your Mine Spec & Site Vehicles Suppliers

At iSeekplant, we have the largest database of mine spec site vehicles suppliers in Perth and throughout the country. And since navigating the regulations for each mine site can be tough, our professional and experienced team can do the hard work for you, researching the requirements and letting you know which mine spec site vehicles suppliers in Melbourne can provide you with the vehicles you need for your next project.

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