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Quality core recovery, good production, excellent core presentation?

Experienced Certificate III and IV Drillers. Geologist on the management team ensures a focus on recovery, presentation and orientations.


Late model rigs. In-house, specialist maintenance department ensuring maximum rig availability.

Safe drilling operations?

Robust safety culture. All staff actively participate in constant improvement of our Safety Management System. Safe T Spin automated rod spinners on all rigs, improving safe rod handling. Our jack-up and track-mounted rigs minimise any working at heights issues.

No nasty surprises in your invoice?

Transparent tenders. Smaller company, lower overheads, improved value for money.

Personalised service?

Owners on call 24/7 always available to discuss client needs. Our digital Imdex Hub PLODS can be emailed to anyone you require, and detailed cost reports can be provided easily, no need to wait for your end of month invoice to find how costs are tracking.

Minimised environmental impacts?

Our highly manoeuvrable, yet powerful track-mounted rigs are less than half the size of conventional truck-mounted rigs, minimising clearing.

Deep directional drilling?

Our rigs provide you with the flexibility to drill to 2,500m and to achieve multiple intersections of your targets through wedging, navi drilling and hole control.

Shallow angle Drilling?

Our specially modified drill rigs can drill at an angle of 30 degrees or greater for those hard to reach areas, with no drop in production over normal drilling. We have even drilled holes below -40 degrees to depths of 1,300m. We believe we are the only drilling contractor in Australia with this capability.


Our fleet comprises a range of rigs to facilitate drilling in a variety of different environments, whether from our nimble, small footprint rigs to access hard to get to areas, extended track variants to minimise our ground pressure to work on salt lakes, to deep-hole rigs to drill multiple intersections at >2,000m. We believe this provides our clients with access to the most flexible fleet of diamond drill rigs in W.A.


Scott Eaton General Manager

Scott started WCD in 2006, with operations commencing in 2007. Scott's involvement in the drilling industry commenced in 1992 when he started working for Wallis Drilling.

Over time, we worked for some of the largest global drilling companies, both in Australia and overseas. He became convinced that by running a smaller specialist diamond drilling company, he could provide clients with better service and a superior product.

Scott's focus within the company is the safe operation of our rigs. He takes personal responsibility for development and practice of our safety management system. Scott's role is ensuring that all our clients' requirements are met, troubleshooting and mentoring of staff. Scott is available 24/7 to both our crews and clients.

scott eaton

Sarah Eaton Business Development Manager

Although Sarah has been involved with WCD since its inception in 2006, she has only become active within the company since 2009.

Sarah brings a client's perspective to the operation of a drilling company, having spent 23 years as an exploration geologist. Sarah has a B.Sc. in Geology and a M.Sc. in Mining Geology from the renowned Camborne School of Mines. She is a member of the AusIMM.

Sarah's role with WCD is to promote the company, ensure that contracts are optimised to the client’s requirements and drilling conditions and make sure that WCD focuses strongly not just on production but on core recovery and presentation, surveys, orientations and hole direction to ensure that our clients are provided with the optimum outcome for their drilling program.


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