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Effective Wastewater Treatment Systems in Tasmania

About Our Family Business

Almost 30 years ago a husband and wife, together with their family, united with a vision to provide their Tasmanian clients with clean, environmentally-safe water and wastewater solutions. Today they are well known for their manufacture and service of Econocycle Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems and septic tanks. 

Along with their sons, who are both subcontracted as plumbers and AWTS service technicians, their locally owned and operated company can help you install and maintain a treatment system that puts you in control of environmentally clean water on your property. 

Why Choose Us?

No Obligation On-Site Inspection

To best assess the needs of your property, we offer a free, no obligation on-site inspection. If you live anywhere statewide, we can travel to you for a consultation.

Trained Service Technicians

Our staff are all trained in the manufacture and operation of Econocycle AWTS and our service technicians have all successfully completed the appropriate courses and training as required by councils and the Department of Justice. 

Mechanical and Electrical Warranty

Our team offers quarterly servicing required for your system. Within our service fee, we include a full warranty on mechanical and electrical parts plus alarm call-outs.

Econocycle’s Trusted Agents in Tasmania

Contractors Counting on Us

As Econocycle’s sole Tasmanian agents, we have a host of reputable contractors who turn to our systems as their go-to wastewater treatment suppliers. Because of its superior performance, many builders, plumbers and developers choose Econocycle as their system of choice.

Tank Quantity and Material

You can have your Econocycle in either a one or two tank system. A one tank unit can fit the entire system into one large container while a two tank unit separates the septic zone into one tank and the aeration clarification and chlorinator in the other tank. Our tanks come in either a concrete or lightweight plastic material.

Tank Capacity

All of the Econocycle units that we offer have a 10 person capacity and can treat up to 2,000-litres per day.

Reliable Septic Tanks in Southern Tasmania

Quality Tanks under Warranty

Your tank should last for years to come. That’s why all of our products are manufactured to Australian Standards and carry a 15-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Our Septic Tank Products

Concrete Septic Tank Range

We offer a range of sizes to meet your site capacity, including 1,600-litre single purpose, 2,000-litre single purpose, 3,000-litre dual purpose, 3,500-litre dual purpose and 4,000-litre dual purpose.Give us a call to find out how we can manufacture larger sizes upon request.

Sturdy Grease Traps

You need heavy-duty grease traps to sustain heavy weights. We manufacture our grease traps to order with sizes ranging from 1,000- to 4,000-litres.

Complete Pump Wells and Sullage Pits

Containing between 1,000-litres and 8,000-litres, you can order these products for wastewater or storm water use. These wells and pits include a submersible pump, high-water alarm, electrical box and an alarm panel to be installed in your home.

Sewage Treatment Available in Hobart

Our Scheduled Services

During our scheduled services, our trained technicians will perform a number of tests and maintenance jobs (where appropriate) by renewing the supply of disinfecting agents, testing the water quality, inspecting the irrigation system, adjusting air supply and sludge return controls and monitoring sludge levels.

We also monitor and record the complete operation of the plant and supply a written report to the owner and local authorities.

A Warranty You Can Trust

As stipulated by the Tasmanian Health Department and the local government, Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems require quarterly servicing. While some councils invoice these service fees through their rates, other rate payers are required to enter into a maintenance contract with an approved company who employs qualified AWTS service technicians. Our two sons (and their staff) are subcontracted to monitor and service our AWTS. They are both qualified plumbers and trade under the names of “Hall’s Wastewater Treatment Services” and “Van Diemen Wastewater Services”. Both are excellent and professional providers of our after-sales service and maintenance. 

We’ll invoice you directly each quarter with a fee that covers a full warranty on mechanical and electrical parts that we maintain and alarm call-outs caused by your system. Should your alarm sound, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue within 24 hours.


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